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New Bus Services up Swingate in Kimberley …..trying to get dispute between Veolia and the Transport Authorities sorted

Obama’s War: how the Audacity of Hope now faces its gravest test

The stakes could not be higher for President Obama. After pledging an extra 30,000 troops to Afghanistan, the new President now faces the sternest test of

Report into traffic congestion – Hardy Street, Cliff Boulevard, Kimberley

This report was presented to Denise Pilkington, Head Teacher of Hollywell Primary School on Monday 23 November.
The aim of the report is to work with the school and to persuade the County Council to implement permanent improvements during the 2010/2011 financial year, based on the consultations undertaken with local residents on Hardy Street, Cliff Boulevard, High Spannia, Norman Street etc during August this year.

Commentary on the Queens Speech in November 2009

Gold nuggets in the Queen’s Speech can help to galvanise Labour……….

The scurrilous attempt by our biggest selling newspaper to denigrate the character of the PM for political purposes

On Remebrance Sunday, Gordon Brown delivered a personal, sensitive and emotionally moving tribute to the Armed Forces ……………..

A year on for Obama, Birth of a New Freedom

If truth be told you probably won’t remember what you were doing a year ago today. Barack Obama will……………

An unfinished mission – why Labour must stand tall and fight on

Two observations immediately spring to mind; first there is a General Election imminent, second it’s a rough and tumble life in politics ……….

A different take on the church service at Labour Party Conference 2009

Presscott urges Party Members to tweet for victory

Mandelson sets scene for General Election

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