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Nottinghamshire County Council Review Panel agree to review position of bus stop in Kimberley

Society ain’t broken Dave – you’ve misunderstood the question

On Monday this week David Cameron again sought to draw our attention to what he sees as his party’s central task and mission to fix and mend our “broken society”………..

meeting with QMC & Veolia re 555 now postponed until Jan 18th

When is a cut – not a cut? When it’s shelved.

Love em or hate em, the Liberal Democrats always “try their best” ……………….

Marching on together: how Gordon Brown, just like Leeds, can still pull off a shock

Aged eight in 1970, I fell in love with both Leeds United and the Labour Party. We’ve been together through thick and thin ever since. As…

2010 A unique year for hope & opportunity

The term “seize the moment” is also often rather trite, but it applies to 2010 more probably than any other ………..

Sometimes those “thank you’s” make it all worth it

Received this e mail today from a constituent, completely unsolicited…..a simple thank you like this, makes the job worthwhile!………………..

Special update for Christmas & New Year

Laura’s 18th birthday – a true milestone in life

Thoughts on The Pre Budget Report

It’s a buy now, pay later strategy – but where is the credible alternative?

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