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Details of Labour’s General Election 2010 Manifesto

Kimberley, Cossall, Awsworth & Trowell news update & Information Service – April 2010

Oh Darling, what a political budget

Here’s the narrative; Budget Day Wednesday March 25th, with the General Election………….

Everyone remembers Mondeo Man but what about Worcester Woman?

A guide to survival as a Parliamentary Candidate

Gordon Brown, the Health Agenda and Cameron’s latest flip

Gordon lands the King’s blessing

The King has spoken, or at least its Fund has

More thoughts on the Alternative Vote, Gordon & his critics

AV is late and imperfect – but it could be Brown’s first step on the road to Damascus

A fairer system of voting?

If voters are seeking a more progressive voting system, with more

A big idea for politics and society “Why every school should have its own policeman (or woman)

There are plenty of people that argue that just as religion and politics don’t mix, nor do education and politics. I’d disagree strongly on both…………

Meeting with QMC and Veolia re bus services from Kimberley area

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