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The Brighton blog 3 – Energy Prices & Labour policy in more detail #lab13

The paragraph immediately below is extracted from Nick Palmer – Labour PPC for Broxtowe – e mail to around 3000 members of the public in the constituency.  To contact Nick Palmer – …..What follows is from  Ed Miliband’s office. Adding a brief personal comment (Nick Palmer) what the more »

The Brighton Blog 2: Nick Palmer – Broxtowe Labour PPC on Labour’s economic challenges #lab13

Broxtowe Labour Parliamentary Candidate Nick Palmer has highlighted some of the challenges facing a future Labour government at the 2015 General Election.  The details below were sent to Nick’s e mail list in Broxtowe – which numbers around 3000 constituents. To contact Nick: more »

The Brighton Blog (1) #lab13 – to those who say Labour have no policies – don’t read this

At the start of Labour’s penultimate conference before the 2015 General Election – one of the chief criticims of the Party is “you’ve got no policies”. Well here’s a snapshot of what’s wrong with Cameron – and more importantly what Labour would do to make Britain better (and fairer). The more »

The Blue Labour Dream by Professor John Milbank

This essay is written by my good friend John Milbank, Professor of Religion, Politics and Ethics at Nottingham University To contact John: The Blue Labour Dream John Milbank Within the British Labour party, ‘Blue Labour’ is the crucial factor in the emergence of more »

The new story told by Blue Labour, an essay by Professor John Milbank

My good friend John Milbank, Research Professor of Religious, Politics & Ethics at Nottingham University has written the following essay below. To contact John: For more reading on Blue Labour themes see – more »

Building a Better Britain (6) Giving people control over the banks

The banking crisis at Barclays seems set to morph into a pandemic and spread its poisonous tentacles on a scale perhaps not witnessed since the Great Plague of 1665. Three hundred and forty-seven years on – July 2012 in Bankers vs the people are the people really powerless and really have no scope more »

Why the need for extra Housing in Broxtowe, Nottingham?

The next Citizens Focus Group in Kimberley – will meet on Monday 30 April at 7 30pm – Nelson & Railway Inn Kimberley, all welcome. The most popular choice from members of the public for a discussion this time was Housing. I have therefore arranged for a planning expert from Broxtowe Borough Council more »

Feedback from the First Citizens Focus Group in Kimberley, Nottingham

On Tuesday 21 February this week we held in Kimberley, our first Citizens Focus Group.  I’ve written about this before at: People First Essentially I wanted to help create a forum more »

Dawn of a new way of doing politics? Citizens Focus Group – power to the people

Lying on a sunbed in Pefkos Greece last August after catching up with a batch of e mails from constituents on a whole range of issues my mind wandered.   Yes I am very sad.   “Wouldn’t it be great I though if we could do a bit more of grassroots politics and find a way for a range of voters from more »

Building a Better Britain (5) NHS, Early Intervention & Social Impact Bonds

Copious ink is being spilt in the social networks and newspapers of the land on the Tories’ NHS reforms.   Rightly so.  They remind us of not only the gut wrenching impotence of opposition, but of the dangers of on the one hand mindless, on the other purely ideologically driven (and hatred of) more »
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