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Kimberley Leisure Centre – update November 2021

On Wednesday evening 27 October I had a very detailed discussion with Kimberley School (East Midlands Education Trust) on behalf of local residents and leisure centre users, to try and get some clarity on the future of the Leisure Centre in Kimberley. The meeting was not hostile and conducted in a more »

Richard Robinson Campaign Manifesto – Nuthall & Kimberley Nottinghamshire County Council elections Thursday 6 May

Click on the following link to see my leaflet being delivered through doors in Nuthall and Kimberley: Richard Robinson Campaign Leaflet 2021 (7)  Why am I standing, what motivates me, what do I want to achieve and what experience do I have and what do I see as some of the key issues? a) what is an more »

The sheer exhilaration of listening to music on a mini disc, Tom Watson’s brilliant book, Scrabble & Racko, Generation Zoom, Gas Street Church & the return of the Marigold’s – COVID-19 Blog – Day 6 to Easter Monday

When you are in Lockdown and it’s Bank Holiday Monday afternoon , with no football to look forward to it’s definitely time to catch up on your blog.  So what has happened since days 1-5?  (See foot of this blog for previous musings).   Today, Bank Holiday Monday When the boss (AKA Wife) tells you more »

COVID-19 Blog – Day’s 3, 4 & 5 – The really good side of technology & social media, my good friend Bryan, turning 58, Labour’s new leaders, Sainsbury’s plastic bags & my Leeds United mug

Day One and Day 2’s musings are shown here: So it’s Sunday 5 April and Her Majesty the Queen has addressed more »

COVID-19 Blog – Day 2 – Getting dressed up to go to Morrisons, Radio 4 & Just a Minute, Community heroes, Dragons Den, Masterchef, why MPs matter & Jeremiah ch 6

So Day 1 – Tuesday 31 March went something like this:  So what happened yesterday day 2 – Wednesday 1 more »

COVID-19 Blog – Day 1: working for an MP, my Greek friend Yiannis, being a Cllr, cleaning the toilet, talking with friends, my daily run, New Statesman & Psalm 23

Yes these are absolutely extraordinary times. I thought I’d start a public daily blog – that will hopefully offer some encouragement and optimism tinged with a sense of humour to lighten the day. I’ve kept my private own journal (not always daily) since 2011.  It records days when I’ve had deep more »

2019 Richard’s campaigning manifesto for Kimberley

65090 A4 4pp Councillor Leaflet This was my May 2019 leaflet for the local elections in Broxtowe. 

The role I will play within the new Broxtowe Borough Council

Below is the text of a press release I have issued today.       The New Council at Broxtowe – Full Council meeting tonight Wednesday 15 May 2019     At the full council meeting at Broxtowe Borough Council tonight a new administration will be formed following the elections on 2 May 2019.   As a more »

1981 – 2019 – why 38 years in the Labour Party for me has today come to an end

I write this today Wednesday 27 February 2019 personally from a good place.  A strong place.  My marriage to Sarah is strong, our children are flourishing.  We have a strong network of close friends whom we have sought wisdom, prayer and advice from as this undoubtedly life changing decision has more »

Rumbletums – Victoria Street, Kimberley – Fundraiser

Saturday 16 February 2019 Live music plus refreshments 7pm See document here: 3188177 for full details
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