Nuthall & Kimberley County Council elections – bronze medal for Independent – feedback & poll

Hi all

Following Thursday’s county council election result in Nuthall and Kimberley I would first of all congratulate Cllr Philip Owen (Conservative) on his overwhelming victory.

Obviously this was not the result I wanted or worked for, however the outcome was clear cut – result link shown here: 

Second – I would like to say a huge “thank you” to everyone all 873 voters in Nuthall & Kimberley who voted for me.  Thank you to everyone who has been in touch privately since yesterday.

Having fought elections in Broxtowe and won in 1991, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2007, 2011, 2015, and 2019 and won on each occasion – to lose is immensely disappointing.  There was so much more I wanted to do as your County Councillor for Nuthall & Kimberley, and would have had the direct access to County Hall to help bring changes about in our communities.

However there is no way that all is lost! I’ve made new friends, and met some fantastic people during the last few months. 

As an independent you have no access to a party machine, and rely on friends and supporters to deliver leaflets and campaign.   I am indebted to Matt Keetley, Debs & Dewbs at the Miners Return, Luke Mcgibney, Barry Vernon, Rik & Jayne Hayton and others who all helped out.  A particular tribute as well to the outstanding Sam Boneham from Park Avenue, Kimberley who was inspirational throughout the campaign.  He played a major part in helping achieve a +20.8% share of the vote, compared to 2017.

I remain as borough cllr for Kimberley (next elections 2023) – and there is still a huge amount of work and challenges ahead to get stuck into.  Things will get done, it will just take a bit longer!

If you wouldn’t mind taking a minute to complete the poll below, that would be really helpful – it’s all anonymous:


Separately I would also like honest feedback on how you think I could improve my campaigns & communications.  I send out an email newsletter to around 1300 people every month.  However would you like to see more frequent hand delivered communications through your door during the year?  Would you like regular Saturday morning or evening surgeries at different locations where you could come and chat about different problems in your area?

Please do feel free to email me privately any of your thoughts and observations to:

Finally I would be interested in general observations about how campaigns were conducted locally during the past few months. Did you receive too many leaflets (or non at all)?  Did you find separate channels like the Nuthall Nugget impartial? Were the social media posts helpful and constructive?  What factors influence how you cast your vote?

Are there specific issues in Nuthall & Kimberley you would like to see addressed that have not received much coverage?

Many thanks

Best regards



R S Robinson

Independent Borough Cllr Kimberley

4 Peacock Drive



NG16 3HW

Tel: 0775 1970 640

E mail:


Twitter: @drummerrich1



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