I have secured wide support from Amber Valley residents and the wider Labour party.

Gavin Shuker,MP Richard’s made a fantastic contribution to my team here in Luton and I believe he has so much to give to Labour’s 2015 team in parliament.What we need more than anything else is people who have integrity, who are campaigners and know how to win in seats where we need to win. What Richard brings is a sense of optimism and hard work. If we’re to win Amber Valley we need that and that’s why I’m backing Richard for Amber Valley

Paddy Tipping, Police and Crime Commissioner, Notts I’ve worked with Richard over many years during his time as Borough and County Councillor, and when he was Parliamentary Candidate in Charnwood. What always strikes me about Richard is his ability to motivate, campaign and his sheer hard work. He leads by example and would make a fine ambassador for the Labour Party by serving as MP for Amber Valley.


Kelvin Hopkins, MP Richard has tremendous energy, committment, experience and skill and I’m sure he’ll do a first class job as your candidate and as your MP. He knows exactly what MPs have to do, both in parliament and the constituency. I’d be very happy indeed if Richard was my local MP.


Nick Palmer I’ve known Richard for 15 years and he’s one of the most formidable campaigners I’ve ever met, repeatedly defeating strong Tory and LibDem rivals. We shouldn’t assume that marginal seats like Amber Valley will be easy to win in 2015: it’s vital to have effective, dedicated candidates with local roots. Born and married in the constituency and a regular campaigner on the spot, Richard looks the best choice to win the seat back for Labour.


Cllr Milan Radulovic MBE – Labour Leader of Broxtowe Council I’m backing Richard for Amber Valley – he is extremely conscientious, dedicated, enthusiastic and passionate. He’s also very reliable too


Andy Furlong, former chair of the East Midlands Labour Party I have known Richard for nearly 20 years. He’s anything but a careerist, wannabe MP. Politics is often unglamorous, and making a difference for ordinary people demands attention to casework and hard work in committee. Richard knows this; he’s solid, he’s reliable and he’s the best choice for Labour in Amber Valley


What do Amber Valley residents say?

Sam Hallsworth – Westfield Avenue, Heanor I’m impressed by Richard’s work in local communities and I feel he has gained the experience necessary to represent the whole of Amber Valley very well.

Dave & Jean Richards, Breach Road, Marlpool, Heanor Richard’s experience in both local politics, being a parliamentary candidate previously and working for MPs seems an excellent stage for becoming Labour MP in Amber Valley

John & Janet Parker – Sheldon Road, Loscoe Richard has great integrity and he’s widely and very well respected

Chris and Chris Stockdale – Edward Street, Langley Mill We’ve watched Richard grow in stature having overcome lots of setbacks in politics.  We know him, Sarah, Laura and Joseph very well.  He’d be a great Labour MP in Amber Valley.>

Jenny Mackenzie – Edward Street, Langley Mill I’ve known Richard since 1984.  I know he works tirelessly for the Labour Party in Broxtowe, he would be a great asset to Amber Valley.  I know from talking with people in Kimberley where I used to teach how well respected he is.

Maria Pike – Howitt Street, Heanor Richard loves Labour Party and politics!  He’s also got a great sense of humour and connects really well with people.

Ian Pike – Howitt Street, Heanor I think Richard’s often understimated strength and why I think he’d make a great Labour MP in Amber Valley is that he is a problem solver.  We’ve had many discussions over many years and I’m impressed by the way he works for people and trys to get practical solutions to problems they have.

Georgina Pike, Howitt Street, Heanor From a young person’s point of view why I’m impressed by Richard is the way he uses social media to connect with people.

Bill Stone, Mansfield Road, Heanor Richard strikes me as a down to earth sort of guy.  Perhaps some of this is missing in politics at the moment. we need more people like Richard to represent Labour as he understands very well what ordinary families are going through.

Kate Pyne,Crays Hill, Swanwick Richard is a very committed to his politics, he’s always happy to listen too!

Anne Ward, Hardy Barn, Shipley I would not say I’d always vote Labour, Richard is a man of integrity though and I think he would appeal to people like me who aren’t necessarily Labour inclined>

David Wood, Holmes Street, Heanor Richard is very conscientious, he keeps in touch with constituents regularly and I count that as very important for an MP.

Alan & Cynthia Elsey – Sitwell Drive, Kilburn Richard would make a good Labour MP for Amber Valley as he’s got a good track record of beating opposition parties in elections he’s previously fought.

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