Click on the following link to see my leaflet being delivered through doors in Nuthall and Kimberley: Richard Robinson Campaign Leaflet 2021 (7) 

Why am I standing, what motivates me, what do I want to achieve and what experience do I have and what do I see as some of the key issues?

a) what is an ‘independent candidate’?

  • The vast majority of cllrs are made up from members of the major political parties ie Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat, Green Party etc.  Being independent means quite simply that I stand in my own right as myself.  I am not a party candidate.  I am Your candidate, accountable only to the public.  I work with you and for you and I stake my reputation on it.
  • I was previously a Labour Party member (and of course Labour cllr for many years).  Many of you will remember that I resigned two years ago from the Labour Party: Richard Robinson » 1981 – 2019 – why 38 years in the Labour Party for me has today come to an end ( 

b) why am I standing?

  • A vote for me won’t always mean I get everything right all of the time.  However it will guarantee that you have a County Cllr in Nuthall & Kimberley who works passionately for you and with you, is transparent and does not give up easily. 
  • I appreciate that there are always things that I can improve on.  For example I’ve made a particular effort for the past few years to communicate better and attend Kimberley Town Council meetings.  I am not a town councillor and do not have to attend their meetings, however I realised my own errors in the past in not communicating with them fully.  Since May 2019 I have either attended in person (for the past year of course virtually), or sent very comprehensive reports to every monthly town council meeting.  This has resulted in much better working relationships, having acknowledged areas where I had previously fallen short.
  • I want to be your County Councillor as I am motivated to working hard, putting the needs of Nuthall and Kimberley first and want to tackle the key issues locally that residents have raised with me.

c) what do I want to achieve?

Some of the key issues locally that I am determined to tackle as your County Councillor in Nuthall that I have identified from talking with residents (I’ve done as much door to door knocking as possible since restrictions were lifted last month) as follows:

  • The general feedback I get is that people rather feel that local politics is done “to them” rather than “with them”.  People are ready for a change.  The overall sense I get (and borne out by residents) is that politics in Nuthall has become very stale, with little vibrancy and residents being told often what can’t be done, rather than local people being encouraged to come forward with new ideas.  Providing I am elected on 6 May this will change.   I will be holding regular sessions in various locations in Nuthall – including pubs – where you will be able to come and have your say, and I will answer questions on local issues affecting Nuthall, and give you the opportunity to state how you want to see Nuthall developed.
  • Then I have heard on the doorstep so many times questions lately on why only certain roads get resurfaced (and then only near election times), in those “fashionable areas” – known to the current County Councillor.  Providing I am successful on 6 May, this will change.  I will be ensure that that there is a proper, recognisable and transparent system applied to all areas for resurfacing.  Priority will be given to those areas that have been neglected the longest.
  • There’s many comments about pavements remaining untreated for years, inadequate lighting prevailing in parts of Nuthall, and lots of complaints from in and around in Cedarlands and Horsendale on the bus plug.  I have put in a Freedom of Information Request to the County Council on the amount of money raised since the outset of the scheme, and this has duly revealed huge sums of money being raised.
  • Providing I am successful on 6 May I will be looking to review the current operation of the bus plug, and achieve some easements within two years (see below). In particular I want to look at at what can be done for residents in and around Cedarlands and Horsendale by the way of residents permits, or using the best new technology on number plate recognition, to prevent the instances of multiple fines that frequently occur.
  • Elderly and disabled residents in a different part of Nuthall especially around the Larkfields area have asked whether a community transport scheme could be made available as Covid-19 restrictions are gradually lifted.    I will work with the County Council and other agencies for example AgeUK to see what new scheme could emerge that would help the elderly and disabled get out and about.

Some of the key issues locally that I am determined to tackle as your County Councillor in Kimberley that I have identified from talking with residents are as follows:

  • There has been a collective failure by the County Council to tackle a number of highways issues in Kimberley on both a small and large scale for a number of years.  Let me cite a few examples:

1)  Less than five years ago I undertook a major consultation exercise in conjunction with local residents and schools to look at addressing two key traffic hot spot areas in Kimberley.  One being Maws Lane, Cliff Boulevard, Hardy Street, and the other from Sainsbury’s on Greens Lane upwards towards Swingate, Little Lane, Babbington Lane, Knowle Lane etc.  A team of local volunteers plus myself held public meetings, distributed consultation letters and produced a substantive report which was duly sent to the County Council:  Richard Robinson » Submission to Nottinghamshire Council regarding suggested highways improvements in Kimberley – Swingate and Maws Lane areas ( 

It took the volunteers and myself some six months to compile the report above, and complete the consultations which produced lots of pragmatic suggestions on how simple improvements could be considered by the County Council.

The response from the County Council: they failed to take any action.

2) Then on other smaller scale issues – the County Council have made it extraordinarily difficult to get any meaningful progress with resurfacing the car park for residents near Bassett Close, removing a wall nearby that acts a magnet for anti-social behaviour, and have refused numerous requests to move the bus stop on Eastwood Road (direction towards Ikea) – (where buses queue over the Maws Lane junction).  

Several years ago just before the bollards on the bottom of Maws Lane were completed, several residents and myself met with the County Council to ask why the bollards were being implemented.  The answer we got was astounding “it is the quickest and cheapest option”.

When asked whether the £30k bollard scheme would not have been better spent looking at a comprehensive transport study for both the Maws Lane and Swingate areas – there was no response.

There are then lots of requests for zebra crossings in several locations in Kimberley and multiple areas that need pothole repair.


Some of the key issues locally that I am determined to tackle as your County Councillor across both Nuthall and Kimberley that I have identified from talking with residents are as follows:

  • Delivering a young people’s manifesto for Nuthall and Kimberley – I want to ensure that our young people can help shape their communities – where they live in Nuthall and Kimberley.  I will work alongside our schools and look to facilitate a young person’s conference to be held in November this year.  This will be run by young people where they can come together and have their say and share their ideas on how they want to see their local community developed.
  • I also want to create “community hubs” safe venues where young people in Nuthall and Kimberley can come together and meet.


So as your County Councillor in Nuthall and Kimberley – how will I tackle these challenges?

In terms of highways matters whilst “the buck will stop with me” or so to speak (highways issues are predominantly a County Council function), this will very much be a collective endeavour with me working together with groups of residents in order to see some positive results. 

Together we will be able to ensure that these very important issues are no longer ignored, and that proper attention is given to fully costed proposals to make major improvements in both the Maws Lane and Greens Lane, Swingate areas of Kimberley – please see below.


My four year plan of action

County Councillors are elected on a four year term of office – this will be 7 May 2021 – May 2025.  This is the timescale I would like to work to:

  • Highways between May 2021and March 2022 – undertake major consultation exercise with Nuthall and Kimberley residents, schools, businesses etc, in order to get an up to date consensus on what they want to see going forward.  This will take place though public meetings, on-line surveys, hard copy letter distribution.  Work closely with County Council Highway Officers in order to produce a detailed, realistic and report (see below).
  • Highways between April 2022 – March 2023 – in April 2022 submit the detailed report to Nottinghamshire County Council Highways officers (with realistic timescales) for work to be undertaken once the appropriate funding has been found.
  • Education – in November 2021 – hold a major young people’s conference in Nuthall and Kimberley (see above).
  • Working together with the police and other agencies on anti social behaviour  between 2021 and 2025 hold regular public surgeries together with the local police where residents can come and discuss any problems.
  • Pot hole and pavement improvements – identify *all* problem road and pavement surfaces (including those areas that traditionally get neglected – smaller roads like Regent Street and Noel Street, Kimberley).  By the summer of 2022 – produce a transparent programme up to May 2025 on what areas will get treated year by year as a priority, with plans then for how the remaining areas will be tackled post May 2025.
  • By March 2023 – having carried out a full review of the current bus plug scheme for Cedarlands & Horsendale – to work with the County Council to offer a new revised scheme (with easements for residents living within the areas above)


So essentially I’ll be kept pretty busy for the next four years 

That of course is in addition to other issues and campaigns such as the developments of the potential tram extension from Phoenix Park: 

Richard Robinson » Langley Mill Super Hub – Tram extension Line 4 phase III to Kimberley, Eastwood & into Amber Valley (

the future of Kimberley Leisure Centre, policy issues on social care that affect so many people, and so on.


d) What experience do I have for the role?

In both Nuthall and Kimberley – these are examples of individual requests for help I have received from local residents, thus far in 2021:

  • grants for local businesses
  • recycling matters
  • moving of gas meters on domestic properties
  • dangerous parking
  • social services assessment for vulnerable adults
  • pavements, new and existing footpaths
  • moving of bus shelters
  • CCTV installation in several problem areas
  • multiple issues around housing on the former brewery site in Kimberley
  • provision of new litter bins
  • complex planning matters
  • recycling issues
  • anti social behaviour and police matters
  • dog fouling issues
  • requests for new road signs – some people in the Stocks Road area of Kimberley were having problems getting deliveries – due to lack of proper signage.  I was able to get a new sign that identified both Stocks Road and Edinboro Row properties. IMG_7368


And finally – do I have a life outside of council work?

The answer to that is yes :)

  • I am married to Sarah.  She works for Derbyshire County Council.  We have two children – Laura who is a nurse and Joseph who is a policeman.  They are both married and live in Newcastle.
  • Sarah and I are members of Trent Vineyard church in Nottingham.
  • I work in a part-time capacity for AgeUK Nottinghamshire: Welcome to Age UK Nottingham & Nottinghamshire 
  • We love walking in the Peak District.
  • I am a passionate Leeds United supporter, like good red wine and real ale, and love the country of Greece, especially the island of Rhodes.
  • If you want to see something a little more light hearted from me – there’s a video of me below from over 15 years ago when I once met Johnny Vaughan and Westlife:  Party Tricks – YouTube