Broxtowe News Update & Information – April 2020 edition

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It appears like an absolute eternity since I sent out my last newsletter on 24 March.  I wrote at the time that there are massive challenges on a scale many of us will have never experienced before.  However at the same time there are brilliant opportunities when we can all come together and support one another.  There’s been some wonderful initiatives that I’ve seen during the past few weeks – for example Kimberley and District Mutual Aid Group and Kimberley Creatives (Rebecca Goldthorpe) – more about them both respectively below.

This newsletter concentrates mainly on COVID-19 – what’s happening locally in and around Broxtowe, but there are some important other updates below too.  For now I’ve taken the local business section off my newsletters, but will restore them as soon as businesses can reopen in whatever form this is.

If you need help with anything, of have any feedback please let me know.  

Together, we can and will get through this.

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Richard S Robinson
Independent Borough Councillor Kimberley – Broxtowe Borough Council
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 Broxtowe News Update & Information – April 2020 edition 
1)   Celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day on Friday 8th May (virtually)
I know that lots of people had events planned for next Friday, including Kimberley Town Council who of course, like other organisation have sadly had to cancel.
In Broxtowe however there are still five things that you can do.  Please see:
For more information please visit:
or contact Broxtowe Borough Council on 0115 917 3210
2)   Kimberley Recovery Plan
We will of course at some point come out of lockdown, partially, then on a gradually increased phased timescale  My own view and after talking with a number of leaders is that at stands currently there won’t be that many vastly significant easements from next Thursday and Friday when the government is due to review the end of the current period of stasis.
There will undoubtedly be a “new normal” that we will all have to adapt to.
What I am very keen to do though is to establish now what sort of initiatives you would like to see in a Kimberley Recovery Plan.  I feel this will be hugely important.
This might be in terms of support for businesses in Kimberley, health and community initiatives, support for individuals, local clubs, public transport and so on.  
The best ideas more often than not come from members of the public, so do send me your thoughts, comments and ideas.
I’m aware too that people outside of Kimberley and throughout the borough receive this email, so if you have ideas for your areas do let me know, and I can pass the details on.
3)  Fly tipping
I have dealt with a number of complaints regarding fly tipping during the past few weeks.  If you see any items dumped anywhere, please let me know, together with the location.
4)   Kimberley and District Mutual Aid Group (KADMAG)
I am in regular contact with Steve Robinson-Day – Founder of KADMAG.  Both he and they are doing an amazing job!

(KADMAG) is now into it’s 7th week of operations.  As a mutual Aid Group working across Kimberley, Watnall and Nuthall, they continue to help people who are shielding because of the Coronavirus with shopping, prescription pick ups, dog walking or lifts to GP appointments.

All of their services are free, with help coming from friendly people who live on your street.  To access their services simply ring: 0115 6480916

They also offer a listening service for those who want someone to have a friendly chat with during isolation. All their listeners are trained and the service is confidential. You can call that service at any time between 9am and 8pm on 0115 6480932.

5)  Langley Mill Super Hub – Tram extension Line 4 phase III to Kimberley, Eastwood, & into Amber Valley
I had a virtual meeting with Nottingham City Council earlier this week to understand the latest position (as much as is possible) with regards to tram extension from Phoenix Park.
I’ve now released within the link below detailed new documents (aLangley Mill Hub 07 02 19 draft 2 doc) click on link in first paragraph:     
Nottingham City Council have agreed to work alongside Broxtowe Borough Council, who will in turn commission an in depth Feasibility Study, looking at the economic case, final route, environmental assessment and benefits, links to other public transport initiatives and so on.  The Feasibility Study will be undertaken in conjunction with Amber Valley Borough Council.  The Feasibility Study was due to take place by 31 December this year (having taken between 3 and 6 months to complete).
I am often asked about timescales for the tram (bearing in mind the campaign started in earnest in 2009).  I was advised this week, that if COVID-19 had not come about, we could have been looking for substantial work to be underway by 2030 (just over nine years from now).
The onset of COVID-19 naturally changes timescales in the short, medium and long-term.  We don’t know for example what work, leisure and travel will look like in the future, and there are other factors that will need to be taken into account post-COVID-19.
There is the hugely related matters of Hs2 at Toton, developments around East Midlands Airport and the whole “free port” concept”.  If you want any more information on the latter please let me know.
I have a further meeting planned for the first week of July this year to see what timescales – certainly in terms of the Feasibility Study might be.
This is the most up to date information I have at present.  Naturally any questions or comments- as always please do get in touch.
6)   The Kimberley School, Newdigate Street, Kimberley
I was approached by the school this month to try and assist with a matter relating to the National Voucher Scheme, in lieu of Free School Meals, via Edenred (supermarket vouchers to their eligible families (117 students) or a food parcel (at the school). 
It’s probably fair to say that school meals families are the most vulnerable of a school community as it is essential that such a system works efficiently and effectively to support them at this critical time.
There were problems with The Kimberley School being able to receive the vouchers, so I got in touch with Edenred on the school’s behalf.
I’m pleased to say that there’s been a significant improvement of late that The Kimberley School have reported to me, and whilst it’s not perfect, at least some of our most vulnerable people are being looked after now in this way.  
If you are aware of problems in any other schools please let me know.
7)   Resurfacing – Little Lane, Kimberley
I was asked earlier this month about the completion of resurfacing for the area around Little Lane in Kimberley.  I approached VIA(East Mids) who undertake highways related work for Nottinghamshire Council – and their response was as follows:
“As you are aware, the nation currently finds itself in an unprecedented situation due to COVID19, particularly with the recent Government advice regarding mandatory self-isolation and social distancing. As I am sure you understand, we want everyone at Via to stay safe and well. As such, our Operations resources have been diverted from the programme of planned works and our Operations team will now concentrate on delivery of the essential site visits and highway asset inspections, to ensure the highway network is kept safe.
As a result, unfortunately the planned scheme listed above will not be delivered as planned and will be reprogrammed for delivery in the future”.
This will apply to other areas around Kimberley and also elsewhere where resurfacing work was due to be undertaken.
For more information you can contact:
Dave Walker
District Manager Ashfield & Broxtowe
Via East Midlands Ltd
Tel 0300 5008080 |

8)   Covid Creatives – Kimberley – on Facebook

Another fantastic initiative, this time set up by Rebecca Goldthorpe.

The place for all who fancy creating art and new friendships here in this wonderful community.

If you are not on Facebook and want information on this, please let me know.


9)    Bin Collection Day & rubbish for the household tip

A number of residents have been in touch to raise the issue of overflowing bins.  This apparently is because some people have put their bins out at night – the day before collection in the morning – only then to find in the morning the bins overflowing with rubbish that others have put in.  This is rubbish that would have normally gone to the tip, but because the recycling centres are shut, they are putting the stuff instead inside neighbours bins.   This causes extra problems for the refuse operatives – as the bins are then extremely heavy to manoeuvre.

I should state that this is not acceptable.

If anyone else experiences any problems with this please let me know.


10)   Former Kimberley Brewery Site – Hardy Street, Kimberley

I had a virtual meeting this week with Fairgrove managers following a range of concerns that had been raised with me by local residents living nearby.  I’ve responded individually to the general concerns regarding dust, drainage, health and safety etc.  

I’m advised that a team of bricklayers is planned to return to work next week.

Any points or questions, as always please let me know.


 11)  Blogs

I wrote 3 blogs earlier this month (will do some more when I get the chance).  I try to inject a sense of humour into what are extraordinary difficult times.

You can catch a read at the links below:

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