Broxtowe News Update & Information – March 2020 edition

Good afternoon all

These are unprecedented times in the history of our country, and our communities, our streets and neighbourhoods.

Massive challenges on a scale many of us will have never experienced before.  However at the same time there are brilliant opportunities when we can all come together and support one another (and it’s already happening)!

Naturally this newsletter concentrates mainly on COVID-19 – what’s happening locally in and around Broxtowe.  

In Kimberley there is a fantastic on-line initiative been set up by Steve Robinson Day entitled Kimberley & District Mutual Aid Group.   Then another one by Rebecca Goldthorpe – Kimberley Creatives.  I cover both of these below.

For my part I’m working alongside the groups that have been set up, supporting them, passing on messages I have received for help.  Also I’m sharing official information I receive from Broxtowe, government agencies etc.

I’m aware of other groups been set up in different parts of the borough.  If you need any more information let me know.

I will keep you updated with all official information I receive from Broxtowe Borough Council, community groups and other government sources as I get them.  The frequency of my newsletters may therefore increase during the next few weeks.

If you need help with anything, please let me know.  I’ll pass you onto the right people to assist.

Together, we can and will get through this! 

Best regards



Richard S Robinson
Independent Borough Councillor Kimberley – Broxtowe Borough Council
4 Peacock Drive
NG16 3HW
Tel: 0775 1970 640
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T: @drummerrich1
 Broxtowe News Update & Information – March 2020 edition 
 1)  Kimberley and District Mutual Aid Group

A community group has emerged to help the those who are vulnerable or are self isolating.

The group is on Facebook and is called Kimberley and District Mutual Aid Group.  If you haven’t already joined and live in Kimberley, Nuthall or Watnall, then please consider joining so that you can provide much needed assistance to your vulnerable neighbours.

This is also a place where you can ask for help, whether for yourself or a relative or friend who may be isolated and could do with a bit of help.  They don’t need to be on Facebook, as long as you can give their details then the neighbourhood teams will do the rest.

Please check it out if you can help or need help during this crisis.

The key contact is Steve Robinson Day.  You can find him on Facebook.

If you are not on Facebook and you want to help out, or need assistance, please let me know and I can pass the details on.


2)  Covid Creatives – Kimberley – on Facebook

Another fantastic initiative, this time set up by Rebecca Goldthorpe.

The place for all who fancy creating art and new friendships here in this wonderful community.

If you are not on Facebook and want information on this, please let me know.


3)  Local information for Broxtowe businesses


As you will be aware, many business were recently told to close by Government until further notice, with a view to help reduce the further spread of Covid-19. This is to be reviewed on a monthly basis.

As a result some of the businesses have completely ceased trading indefinitely.

However, some are continuing to trade under revised opening hours, as well as variations to the goods and services regular customers may be used to and the way in which they are sold.


For example – some businesses have stopped customers entering their store, but are taking advance telephone orders for collection at the door. Others may be providing a delivery service, where they may not have previously.


What we are doing

The Council will shortly be listing details of all businesses in Broxtowe on it’s website. Here we will be sharing details of businesses and whether they are providing collection/delivery services, have reduced stock etc.

How you can help

We require a lot of detail from businesses across the entire Borough, as quickly as possible, to help keep residents informed of the goods and services they can still access safely and support the business during this tough time. We know you are often a first point of contact for businesses/people who need help, therefore if you are contacted please ask businesses to send details of:


  • are they still open,
  • are they offering a collection/delivery services,
  • current opening hours
  • reduced stock
  • what else they are doing to serve the community at this time


and send this to



This will allow us to collate all the information centrally. We can then post regular updates and you share this with the public.

As far as support and finances we are updating  with the most up to date Government guidance and would ask businesses are sign posted here initially.


More information available from:

Matt Batterham

Business Growth Manager


Broxtowe Borough Council

Neighbourhoods and Prosperity

Council Offices, Foster Avenue

Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 1AB

Tel: 0115 917 7777 x3043


4)  Latest official information received from Broxtowe Borough Council Chief Exeutive – COVID-19 as of 23 March 2020


We have made rapid progress with rolling out working from home. By Wednesday we will have almost full capability to work from home. We’re awaiting a final delivery of laptops but are enabling normally fixed desk employees to take desktops home, which should enable 100% of employees to work from home 100% of their time. This has been a massive logistical task but being achieved very successfully thanks to the ICT team’s brilliant work and a real “one team” effort by employees.

 Our offices will be closed for face to face public service from tomorrow – a general press release to the public was issued this afternoon. The offices will be checked daily despite being mainly empty for any risks or threats. Construction work on “new ways of working” will be paused from Friday. CAB will no longer need access to the building after this week. Police will require access which will be enabled. We will also channel any remaining need to access the building to Wednesday – hopefully a half day, to minimise the risk for any comings or goings and infection spread.

Our services are all still open for business by phone or online. Our website provides up to date information on which services are affected.

The main developments since the last daily update are as follows:

  • We will be closing and padlocking play areas from Wednesday. Parks owned by Broxtowe will remain open as in Broxtowe people seem to be respecting social distancing advice whilst using them. Notices regarding social distancing will be placed at the entrances to our parks.
  • Car parking charging; we are suspending the charging arrangements as this involves interacting with the car parking machines, which may help to spread infection. These will be covered up. The enforcement arrangements will move to very “light touch” to ensure the car parks are not abused.
  • Leisure centres have now closed completely. Staff from Liberty Leisure are being engaged in volunteer humanitarian relief and business continuity to support the response of the council to the Covid 19 outbreak. The Council intends to make up to 100% their salary, as the salary of compulsorily “furloughed” employees will be covered by an 80% government grant up to £2500 per month. There will therefore be a cost to the Council which will be reported to the next Policy Committee.
  • New taxi licensing applications will not be processed for the moment as the process involves a face to face interview which can’t happen at present.
  • Disabled facilities grants will continue to be processed as far as possible, and emergency grants will proceed normally,( eg to facilitate hospital discharge) but there may be some delay on processing non urgent new DFG requests because of the need for site visits.
  • Neighbourhood wardens: one employee is now self-isolating as he and his wife have both developed a cough. This means there will be a couple of days when there is no Warden provision. Babbington Kennels have been advised, as have our Call Centre, that on those days there will be no stray dog service and dogs will have to go directly to Babbington (as currently happens at weekend).
  • The licensing manager is writing to all premises involved in the requirement to close / not sell on the premises (pubs, clubs, restaurants, bingo halls, bookmakers, etc) to remind them of the new legislation.  He is also undertaking some checks to ensure compliance and following up on any reports that breaches have occurred. We will also do some media work on this warning people of the consequences of breaching the new rules.
  • Food hygiene inspections have been suspended on the basis of guidance from the Food Standards Agency
  • The only private sector housing inspections now being undertaken are in respect of emergencies. Inspection of HMOs for licensing has been suspended.
  • We are continuing our efforts to increase capacity and resilience at the crematorium by retraining employees to be able to operate at front and back of the operation. After a software upgrade over the weekend all services can be broadcast remotely. This means by Wednesday we will restrict attendance at cremations to 5 people to limit the risk of infection.
  • We are actively proceeding with plans to increase capacity for burials at Beeston cemetery by 80 plots by turning a narrow strip of land at the edge of the current site into useable space. This involves the felling of some self seeded saplings. Residents overlooking the area are being consulted by letter.
  • General Needs Housing –  We will not be undertaking home visits but will contact tenants by phone. We are contacting tenants who are over 70 or vulnerable to offer support. As at 4.30pm, we had contacted 268 households with over 70s in general needs (out of 544 households- 670 individuals). We will continue with this tomorrow.
  • Independent Living – Independent Living Coordinators will not be working on schemes but will contact tenants by phone- all 1700 tenants living in these schemes have already been contacted. All communal rooms, such as lounges, quiet rooms and hobby rooms will be closed. Activities in schemes have also been cancelled.
  • Housing Allocations – We will be contacting every applicant who has been offered a property to review their current situation and see if they are able to remain in their current accommodation at this time
  • Homelessness – The service will be offered via phone, anyone who needs to speak to the homeless team should contact 0115 917 7777.
  • Households that are self-isolating should follow the Government’s ‘Stay at home’ advice on waste disposal which states:
  • Store personal waste such as used tissues and disposable cleaning cloths securely within disposable rubbish bags.
  • Place these bags into another bag, tie securely and keep separate from other waste.
  • These bags should be put aside for at least 72 hours before being put in your usual external general waste bin.
  • Please do not take this waste to your local Recycling Centre.

           Other household waste will be disposed of as normal.

It is more important than ever to ensure that recycling is clean and dry, and that rubbish bags are all securely tied to help prevent spills and protect our collection teams and the public.


  • Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced that the Government will pay the wages of employees unable to work due to the coronavirus pandemic, paying 80% of the salary of staff retained by their employer up to £2,500 a month. The move, which covers gross pay, will be backdated to the start of March and last for three months. Mr Sunak said the coronavirus job retention scheme, which will be run by HMRC, would be extended “if necessary.” Mr Sunak also announced that VAT payments will be deferred until the end of June, while self-assessment income tax payments for July 2020 are to be deferred for six months. The Universal Credit standard allowance for the next 12 months has been increased by £1,000 a year, as has the Working Tax Credit basic element. The Chancellor said HMRC is working to ensure the first grants are available within weeks, with businesses able to apply for relief from Monday.
  • The software amendment enabling the retail business rates relief to be processed is now available and has been tested. We are looking to begin administering this tomorrow.
  • We’re awaiting the government guidance on the remaining grants and rates reliefs for business.


  • Alex McLeish from the Communities team will be seconded into the effort led by the county to co-ordinate humanitarian relief in Notts. Information he has collated, made available last Friday on our website, will be made available to the Notts CC website. The County Council’s “hub” will be the main point of contact where all calls will be triaged and channelled to the right support in the community.
  • The Council’s economic development team is drawing together information from local businesses on their business offers in terms of home deliveries, meal delivery, takeaways etc. This information will be also added to our website and passed to the County Council.
  • The Council has agreed to make available immediate financial grants to key bodies working in covid 19 humanitarian relief. We’ll be making some press announcements over the next day or so about these. These include:
    • £10k each immediately to Hope; to Eastwood VB , to Eastwood Age concern, and to Middle Street.
    • £2,000 to each mutual aid group – we’re aware of groups operating in Beeston and Chilwell; Kimberley; Stapleford; Eastwood. We’ll be writing to these groups in the next day or two to make arrangements, and also contacting Parish Councils to see if they need any financial assistance in covid 19 response.





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