Broxtowe News Update & Information Service September/October 2019

Hi all

Welcome to the September/October edition of my local newsletter.  A special welcome to all those who have joined during the past few weeks, and thank you to everyone who has been in touch recently.

You may have noticed that for the past couple of months, I have issued bi-monthly as opposed to monthly newsletters.  This simply reflects the sheer volume of work currently not only in my council role, but also in my day job working for an MP.

I hope to be able to issues newsletters every month again soon, but with the small matter of Brexit in the background (and whatever happens after then), it’s rather busy for now.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you need help with personal casework or anything else.

I hope that you find the content here both useful and stimulating.

Feedback as always is very welcome.

Best regards



Richard S Robinson
Independent Borough Councillor Kimberley – Broxtowe Borough Council
4 Peacock Drive
NG16 3HW
Tel: 0775 1970 640
T: @drummerrich1
 Broxtowe News Update & Information Service September/October 2019
1)  Giltbrook Retail Park
It is expected that a major British multinational retailer will open a new store on the retail park in 2020.  Details of a planning application relating to this can be found at the following link: 
On receipt of confirmation of a date of opening of a new store I will let you know. 
For more information on all matters relating to planning applications at Broxtowe Borough Council – please contact:
tel: 0115 917 3447
Planning Administration
tel: 0115 917 3461
2)  Business networking – boosting the high street: local shops and businesses in Kimberley
On August 28 we held our first business networking session at Rumbeltums in Kimberley.
This was a really positive event with various businesses coming together to showcase what they do.  We also heard from Rumbletums (and in particular their successful funding news and what this means for them in Kimberley).  All those there appreciated just much they are an integral part of the local community.  We also heard from Cllr Trevor Rood (Chair Kimberley Town Council) who talked about the facilities available at The Chapel on the Hill:
We are looking to hold a further networking opportunity for Kimberley businesses in November.  The date of this is subject to change (pending a possible General Election).  At the moment this is pencilled in for Wednesday 6 November 2019 (5 30pm to 7 30pm) – and we will be looking to hold this at The Doghouse, Kimberley.
I am very excited about this initiative – not the possible General Election 🙂 More on that subject below at item 4.
The networking sessions allow established and new businesses to meet together, share experiences, problems, opportunities and good practice.
For more information you can contact me or:
Matt Batterham, Business Growth Manager 
Broxtowe Borough Council
Neighbourhoods and Prosperity
Council Offices, Foster Avenue
Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 1AB
Tel: 0115 917 7777 x 3043 
3)   Events & exhibitions at D H Lawrence birthplace museum
A chance here for to either make your own comic zine, enjoy gin and gaslight and attend other events.
There’s also an exhibition by the Beauvale Photography Group “the Blue Line and Beyond” from Thursday 1 October – Friday 11 October during museum opening hours: 10am-4pm Tuesday-Saturday.
You can also get in touch with:
Carolyn Melbourne 
Museum and Collections Officer
D.H. Lawrence Birthplace Museum
8a Victoria Street
Nottinghamshire NG16 3AW 
0115 917 3488

4)   Have Your Say in Kimberley

At the local elections in May this year – click on: 65090 A4 4pp Councillor Leaflet – I made specific commitments to have regular sessions in Kimberley where residents can come and raise questions, share concerns and in turn I am able to held accountable on a face to face basis on local matters.  I’ve been consistent over many years in sending out newsletters via email, however several months ago a number of people said they would like more personal visible interaction as well.  This was a fair point – hence the move to starting “Have Your Say”.  I held the first session since the elections in May at the White Lion Pub in Kimberley on 25 July.  There was some really useful feedback from local residents on a range of subjects including arrangements for Christmas decorations in Kimberley, a real desire to see a cinema come to this area, and support for the tram extension.  Inevitably discussions turned to matters national regarding Brexit and it was good to have a robust conversation about how people were feeling.
The next Have Your Say Session is going to be held next Wednesday 9 October-  8pm at the Miners Return on Eastwood Road, Kimberley.  It’s a great venue and the people are lovely there, as well as being very straight-talking.  Do come along with any questions, concerns and points you would like to raise.  There’s lots to discuss!   I see that leaflets are arriving at people’s homes relating to a possible early General Election – I’d be suprised if we didn’t touch on that and Brexit too.
I’m hoping to have the next Have Your Say session early in the New Year, and this time at Rumbletums – details to follow closer to the time.
5)   Langley Mill Super Hub – tram extension Line 4, phase III to Kimberley, Eastwood & into Amber Valley
There continues to be huge amount of work being put into making sure that the Langley Mill Super Hub (incorporating the tram extension from Phoenix Park through Kimberley & Eastwood) comes to fruition.
The Jobs and Economy Committee at Broxtowe Borough Council dated 5 September 2019 supported the commissioning of an in-depth engineering study: – this is due to be ratified at the meeting of the Finance & Resources Committee at Broxtowe on 10 October 2019:
Please continue to keep in touch with questions, comments and feedback.
6)   Recent flooding in Kimberley   
The recent inclement weather in Kimberley has resulted in specific problems in various locations, for example parts of Eastwood Road and Main Street.  I reported last week the problems with the particular part of the pavement on Main Street due to the deluge of rain to the County Council – as below.IMG_3577 (1)
I’m pleased to say this has now been repaired this week under a VIA East Midlands Hams ref:  82758
Urgent enquiries in the future can be made directly by members of the public to 0300 5008080 so it can be logged and passed to the appropriate officer in the first instance.
VIA East Midlands are partners for the County Council in providing sustainable highway services in Nottinghamshire.
7)   Kimberley Farmers Market – should it return?
Many of you may remember the Farmers Market in Kimberley that used to be held on the first Saturday of the month on Toll Bar Square.  It ran for a number of years, before being taken over by a different organisation who are sadly now not in existence.
The Farmers Market started off really strongly and was originally very successful, it was also a good place to meet up with people and talk – see the photo below from
1 October 2011 – eight years ago!
As time went on however a number of problems arose and obstacles were put it in our way.
However I’ve now had a number of people enquire about whether the Farmers Market could return in some form.  
So I’d like to put the question out there: – is this something you are particularly interested in and would like to see again regularly in Kimberley again?  Do you think it would benefit the local area?  Please do come back to me with thoughts, suggestions and comments.
8)   Bennerley Viaduct – scheduled to be restored and re-opened summer 2020 – can you help though this month?  See below.
Planning consent was given in July this year for Bennerley Viaduct to be reopened.  It’s a very exciting year ahead for all those associated with this project.  The group Friends of Bennerley Viaduct (FBV) have done a brilliant job.

Tenders have been put out and contractors are currently being appointed.  Work should commence in early November.  Restoring and reopening the viaduct will be another historic milestone in the viaduct’s rich history.

A  project which involves a grade 2* listed  structure and protected wildlife will inevitably have a level of complexity.  The planning authorities have attached conditions to the project, some of which have to be met prior to the commencement of the work.  Help from volunteers is needed with one of the conditions which involves ensuring that the newts and reptiles are protected when the repair works to the pier bases are carried out. 

Beating the October 31 Deadline – A Deal for the Newts

The Great Crested Newts of Bennerley Viaduct have secured a deal (in the form of a planning condition) but it must be implemented by October 31st.   It’s exceptionally fortunate to have thousands of Great Crested Newts living around the viaduct. The newts are protected species. They breed in the settlement ponds in front of the structure but for most of the year, they hide under things and in crevices. The crumbling brickwork of the pier bases provide perfect newt shelters, so the intention to restore the bases is bad news from a newt perspective. 

It is important therefore to ensure that when removing all the crumbling brickwork, there are suitable shelters for them to be relocated to.  FBV still want them to have secure residency and settled status under the viaduct so they will be creating hibernaculae (bespoke newt shelters) on their next workdays under the supervision of a licensed ecologist.  They have a newt license, valid until October 31 to relocate the newts.  T his Oct 31 deadline cannot be extended.

October’s volunteer workday arrangements have therefore been changed and extended to enable the newts to be relocated.

 There will be four workdays in October. These will take place at the following dates and times.

  • Wednesday 23 Oct – Pier bases -Newt relocation
  • Thursday 24 Oct  – Pier Bases – Newt Relocation
  • Friday 25 Oct – Pier Bases –       Newt Relocation
  • Saturday 26 Oct – Pier bases –  Newt relocation

This work will involve the following.

  • Removing loose brickwork (strenuous)
  • Stacking and cleaning loose brickwork, (Moderate)
  • Digging out pathways around pier bases, Strenuous
  • Constructing  6 hibernacula  (Moderate)
  • Clearing all debris from pier bases.
  • Making all surfaces sound ready for contractors.
  • Clearing all vegetation from around the pier bases.
If you can offer any assistance at all, please get in touch with:

Kieran Lee

Friends of Bennerley Viaduct

Community Engagement

9)   The Ruislip Close wall, & traffic issues along Eastwood Road, Maws Lane and Hardy Street, Kimberley
I have reported on these separate issues often in the past. 
This year for example I’ve put a lot of work into trying to get some proper improvements on various matters for people who live in properties around Ruislip Close.  In July I met again with a number of residents who live in the Bassett Close, Ruislip Close area of Kimberley who clearly have long term issues they want resolving.
I met with the County Council in August to discuss various highways issues in Kimberley.
I am currently awaiting a response from the County Council and on receipt of more information I will let you know.
10  Cinema at Giltbrook Retail Park (GRP)
At the recent borough council elections in my election manifesto (see leaflet at 4 above) – I made a clear commitment to promoting leisure opportunities in the area. 
Several years ago I undertook a survey to find out local support for a cinema at GRP: – this demonstrated phenomenal public support.
On 17 July I met with the owners of owners of GRP to see what the latest position about the cinema is.  Originally it was planned to have a cinema in place by 2022, however various business priorities on the retail park have been subject to a few changes.
I am now undertaking further background work to see what now is a practical way to move forward to this project.  It may well take a few months, but I’m on the case again with seeing how we can actually make a cinema work here with a number of partners.   I wish these things could be achieved much quicker, and there’s lots challenges, but I’m in this for the long-term and I’ll come back when there is something concrete to report.
11)  New Young Children’s Play Area Knowle Park, Kimberley

This scheme is currently in progress and due to open in mid-October. The new area will be fenced with items of play equipment specifically for younger children.

The area will have rubber surfacing and self-closing gates to keep dogs out. Whilst the works are in progress the rest of the play area remains open for use.

The total project cost is just over £32,000 with £25,300 from Broxtowe Borough Council as part of The Pride in Parks Initiative and the balance of the funding from Kimberley Town Council.

More information available from:


Tim Crawford

Business and Projects Manager (Environment) 

Broxtowe Borough Council


Kimberley Depot, Eastwood Road,

Kimberley,  Nottingham, NG16 2HX

Tel. 0115 917 3643



12)    News in brief
a) Footpath improvement (KP35) – Broomhill Road to Chapter Drive, Kimberley – I am liaising with Broxtowe Borough Council and Nottinghamshire County Council with a view to securing funding for improvements and resurfacing of this footpath.  This follows on from requests I received from residents earlier this year to try and address various issues here.  The information I have received so far is that subject to the appropriate funding, the work here could be completed after April next year (2020) – with a report planned to be heard by appropriate committee at County Hall West Bridgford for consideration during the next six weeks.  Hopefully approval will then be granted so the work can be started within the timescales mentioned above.
b) Nottinghamshire County Council have carried out road resurfacing recently in two areas of Kimberley – the top of Swingate and also around Beverley Drive.
c) The City of Nottingham & Nottinghamshire Economic Prosperity Committee Nottingham City Council  – I am Broxtowe Borough Council’s representative on this committee.  It’s purpose can be found at the following link:
I attended my first meeting of the committee last Friday in Bassetlaw – and details of the discussions that took place can be found at:

13)   Suggested reading

From time to time I find articles that may be of interest that I thought I would share.  It does not mean I necessarily agree with everything that’s written, but there are thought provoking themes and useful information contained in the links below:

Brexit – deal or no deal

If you want some real light bed time reading, try this:  As the possibility of the UK leaving the EU without a withdrawal agreement – or ‘deal’ – has become more likely, the commentary on and analysis of a no-deal scenario have increased. This paper provides links to a selection of 2019 publications on a no-deal exit from the EU by private sector organisations, think tanks, research institutes and other academic institutions.


The UK is one of the most unequal countries in the developed world, and income inequality is rife – it does not have to be this way:


Local Community Business Information


Print in the UK – The new start-up in our neighbourhood – Maws Lane Kimberley
The place where design starts and print takes over:
* Business cards
* Flyers and leaflets – print and distribution
* Discount Cards
* Appointment cards
* Thank you cards
* Compliment slips
* Letterheads
* Bespoke envelopes
* Design and Redesign services
* Folders
Business cards – 450gsm silk – single sided print – design and delivery included
250pcs @ £33
Quick turnaround times for most services with a 2 working days from artwork receipt and order confirmation.
Please feel free to get in touch, if you are willing to get professional advice and quality printed products or if you simply want to make a change in the way your business looks. I am here to help
You can check some of my work on my business Facebook page too:
Mims Rusu
Account Manager
07546633846 or: 0115 8756496
 Sugarlicious Cakeaway at 19 Main Street (next to Kelly’s nails).
It’s not a traditional cafe where you sit down and drink coffee and eat cake, rather there is a special local opportunity to order your celebration cakes to take away, for any occasion, and buy yourself some sweet treats like cupcakes, old school caramel (butterscotch) tarts, cornflake tarts, loaf cake etc.
For more information please contact Karen Mitchell 
e mail:
Elmer Driving

Patient, friendly and reliable driving instructor based in Kimberley.

For more details visit or call Tim on 07916 269026.

Tim Elmer


Miners Return – Eastwood Road, Kimberley

The Facebook Page showing events hosted by he Miners Return can be found at:



Whitebeam Photography – James Street Kimberley

Whitebeam photography studio offer a professional studio with services for newborn, family, pets, special occasions and much more.  Please contact Stacey Syson
– email:

Alison Knight, Freelance PA

Admin getting you down? Too much paperwork, too many emails? Not enough time?

Need some support?

Running a business is hard work. It can be difficult keeping up with everything while you’re out there, doing what you do best.

If you need someone to lighten the load but don’t want or need an employee, outsourcing a freelance PA could be the solution.

I can help with event planning, office re-ordering, minute taking, proofreading, document preparation, personal and company correspondence, ad hoc projects, etc – either remotely or in your premises.

Alison Knight, PA

07788 883788


Four Seasons preservation joinery, window replacement & building restoration

Based in Heanor

Contact Mick Short 07976263038


Pet Walk and Stay

  *  Dog walking
  *  Dog boarding
  *  Cats and small animal care
  *  Day care and home visits
Awsworth and surrounding areas
I am a friendly reliable professional, insured, licenced, and checked
Affordable rates – text or call me on 07729 732555

Kind regards

Katerina Sykes


Guitar/Bass tuition with a professional musician

Russell Saxton guitar teacher.  Lives in Kimberley.

I’m currently taking Guitar, Bass, Ukelele and Mandolin students, all levels from total beginners to advanced players. I teach all styles, rock, blues, metal, indie, folk, country, jazz etc.  I can offer lessons tailored to suit the individual in which you simply learn the basics and perhaps knock out a few of your favourite tunes, or a structured course from the ground up teaching all aspects of music and playing the guitar. I’m based in Ilkeston at Zebra Muzik, message me for details or call me on 07903 610487.


KH Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy Clinic based in the heart of Kimberley

11 James Street



Im a fully qualified, HCPC registered physiotherapist with a keen interest in running related injuries and promoting health and physical activity in the community.  I offer the following services:

*Physiotherapy Assessments

*Gait Analysis 

*Chair based exercise classes

*Couch to 5k running courses

For more details on all of the above or to contact me/book an appointment please see my webpage


Sparkle and shine cleaning services

For a spotlessly clean home, weekly or fortnightly, deep cleans and one offs, also ironing. Competitive rates.

References available.  Give Sarah a call on 07903 926432 (Kimberley).


I will travel to your home and take you through a structured nutritional advice  and exercise session routine,based on your body and its needs. Each and every illness or disability has its own hurdles,that we can work together to overcome. 
          I am qualified to teach exercise to those with COPD , Rheumatoid arthritis , Obesity , stress, Anxiety,Depression, Hypercholesterolemia, Hypertension , Osteoporosis, Diabetes and Asthma.
          Whilst also having experience with clients with a wide range of conditions from frailty to Parkinson’s disease.
Please get in touch and make the step towards a fitter , happier and healthier lifestyle.
Call Laurence on 07957420352 . 


Reflex Bliss

Professional reflexology treatments by Angela Henson MAR, an AoR and CNHC registered therapist based in Nuthall.

Taster sessions and gift vouchers available.

Tel- 07783 314107

Angela Henson


Painting, decorating and general handyman services

Rob Hunt (lives locally) provides a comprehensive service.  No job too small.  References from customers available.

Contact: 07757 183867


ADSR ROOFING & BUILDING A small local business for all roofing & building works. EPDM rubber flat roofs, new traditional roofs slate concrete or clay tiles, fitted velux windows, new fascia and guttering, patios, garden walls. To get a free quote call Adam on 07971849305 or email


Watnall PreSchool

A charity preschool which has been open since 1978 and caters for children aged 2 years up until school age.  We provide a safe, secure and caring environment in which children can learn and explore through play. Victoria Institute, Main Road, Watnall, NG16 1HS

Tel : 0115 9458574 –

E-mail :


Vision Property Maintenance

Offers a fast property maintenance service, responding to your call quickly and efficient to eradicate your property challenges at a cost to suit your budget.

We founded our business to offer multi trades to landlords, letting agents and homeowners across the East Midlands.  Our team are trained in all aspects of the building trade, so we  have someone at hand to respond to your call.

Whilst we are quick to attend your needs, we are a local company so we are able to work to your budget however big or small the job is.

Plumbing, general maintenance, joinery, fencing, windows and doors including locksmith service, roofing electrical.

We provide an emergency maintenance service, reacting to issues within two hours from your call.

Vision Property Maintenance

Nigel Bonham

10 Chapter Drive, Kimberley, Nottingham, NG16 2QD


E mail:

07771 545163


Quality Interior & Exterior Decorator

Lives locally in Codnor, all aspects of home decorating undertaken – Mick Whetton

Free, no obligation quote: 01773 512646 or 07890 881667


Finances First Lady

Taking away your financial administration headaches by providing the following services:

Accounting preparation for sole traders, partnerships & limited companies, preparation of personal tax returns, corporation tax returns, payroll processing, and VAT returns.

155 Church Lane, Selston, Nottingham,
              NG16 6FB

Tele:               0115 896 9690

Mobile:          07885 045080




Woodside East Mids Ltd – MOT, Service, Repairs, free MOT with full service, Gate H Station Road/Hardy Street, Kimberley, NG16 2NR, 0115 9385523


Not Just Crafty – based in Giltbrook

Organise craft events for the local community to help promote small businesses

–      Raise awareness of funding raising for LOCAL charities as part of their events

–      Provide courses for new Crafters by skilled Crafters to help them gain skills to become self-employed

–   more details from:



Rumbletums is a community café offering work  experience and training placements to young adults with a learning  disability.

The café has quickly established itself as a relaxed  and friendly place to go and its excellent coffee, home-made cakes and tasty  meals have received numerous compliments.

Rumbletums also runs a Parent and Toddler group each Tuesday from 1 00pm to 3 00pm and has two large meeting rooms available for hire.

Rumbletums opens from 9 30am to 3 00pm from Tuesday to Saturday at 2a Victoria Street, Kimberley (on the corner of Victoria Street and Newdigate Street, opposite Kimberley Parish Hall). Phone 0115  9384953.

Find all our information at


Madhatter’s Coffee Shop Kimberley

Madhatters’s growing success is thanks to the local community supporting it by popping in for coffee, or visiting on one of our tapas, Greek or music nights.

The support is amazing and I would like to thank everyone sincerely.  We are  open for tea, coffee, fresh salad, jacket potatoes, baguettes, and of course gorgeous cakes!!!

Keep an eye on the blackboards for the next events, and on Facebook;!/pages/madhatters/139451719511260

Private parties available, catering for up to 30 guests – talk to the Madhatter for more information.

With love from the Madhatter

Contact for more information Nygel Stevenson




BILL PLANT Driving School – Based inKimberley.  With our professional and friendly local driving instructors, you’ll enjoy a relaxed, positive and encouraging environment as you learn to drive. Driving lessons with the Bill Plant Driving School are very competitively priced, proudly offering at all times the offer that our UK learner drivers nationwide have come to know and adore, 5 lessons for £56* (*Terms & Conditions) Why not call ANDY, your local Bill Plant Instructor for more details. Tel: 07932 666903


Music ACT ( DJ Service )

Music ACT offers high quality disco and music for any type of celebration. All event is special and we will ensure your entertainment is first class. Providing professional tailor made music solutions for Civil Ceremonies, Partnerships, Wedding Breakfasts, Children’s Parties, Corporate Functions or any other Events. We have full Public Liability Insurance (PLI) as required for any venue and are already CRB Checked for Children’s Parties. Call Susan for more a quotation

Tel:  07951 779895– based in Kimberley



RM home services

All aspects of home maintenance Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Electrical, Plumbing, Tiling & Decorating Gardening Services & Maintenance, Clearance. Pavin, Slabbing, Fencing

NO JOB TOO BIG OR SMALL Please call or e-mail for free quotation

Home;  01159 459631 Mobile;  07508 035049  Richard Maltby


Cavendish Systems Ltd – Caring for your Computers

We provide a full range of computer services/repairs for home and small business users.

We work evenings and weekends for your convenience – our work is guaranteed – we can come to you or you can bring your computer to our workshop – if we cannot fix your problem, we charge no fee – we are Microsoft certified – we are locally based in Kimberley – we have decades of IT experience and contacts to call upon – full details of services and prices are on our website.

What our customers say “Great all-round knowledge” “Impeccable service & delivery” “Approachable and friendly” “Very professional” “Friendly, honest and intuitively skilled” “I have never had a problem that Chris can’t fix!”

Contact Chris Appleby on  07720 966517– based in Kimberley.

E mail:


Cavendish Systems Ltd Computer services and repair – Home/Small Business/PCs/Macs/Servers/Networks/Programming/Virus removal/Web/Security/Training/Video Editing Microsoft Certified


John Sherwin Ltd Specialist Motor Engineers Somercotes Hill, Somercotes, Alfreton,Derby DE55 4JS

Tel:  01773 604400


Neighbourhood pet care, pet boarding for caged birds and pets, also home visits, dog walking, feeding etc peace of mind references, collection/delivery service tel: Jenny on 0115 8494708; or mobile 0795 2751 019

73 Newton’s Lane, Cossall


Running from Baker Road, Newthorpe the business called Triple S offers: Computer Services based on a fixed rate fee. The main services range from a computer “MOT” to a full rebuild of the operating system, installation, services for Broadband and an “Anything Computers” one to one are available.

Contact Steve: and the mobile number; 07847 786744  E-mail:


I’m a local author living onVictoria Street,Kimberley. I’ve just published a children’s book which is an historical adventure based around Kimberley, Awsworth, Cossall, Ilkeston and Nottingham Castle in the year 1086.

I’m very willing to make this book available for fund-raising purposes.  GLORIA MORGAN

Book Title: KINMERS LEA – which is the old name forKimberley.

My contact details: Tel:  08454 67 1086  (local rate calls). The book is available for sale from Plumb’s, James Street, Kimberley, Awsworth Post Office, Giltbrook Post Office and Giltbrook News price £7.99 Web site



SoftWurkz S£ick Business Management Software Pain Relief for Small Businesses SoftWurkz Limited is aKimberleybased Company who specialise in the development of business management computer software for the self employed andfor small businesses. The directors liveon Angus Close,Kimberley. To find out more information contact: Richard Bradley   07765 531388     or Peter Graboswki on   07818 255107     or Stephen:


C & J UPVC Maintenance Specialists in UPVC Window, Door & Conservatory Repairs/Upgrades Contact Craig Harwood –   07999 599501, or   0115 849 8397   – Avenue, Trowell, Nottingham, NG9 3QP


Noah’s Ark Pre-School Playgroup Free places for 3 and 4 year olds. Holy Trinity, Church Hill, Kimberley, Nottingham, NG16 2HY Tel:   0115 945 8553     (am only),

Golden goose classes

Are small friendly groups meeting for textile lessons in my home on the Gilthill, Kimberley.  Classes are limited to 5 students in well equipped workroom. All levels of ability are catered for, from GCSE catch up – to recreational sewing. I am an experienced textile teacher with twenty years experience which I would now like to pass on in a more relaxed atmosphere. Classes cost £3.50 per hour for up to two hours. On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday during the morning or afternoon, and some evenings. During 2009 some of my students have made their own clothes, Advent calendars Shopping bags, wall hangings and full size machine pieced quilts.

Contact Pat Furniss   0115 8548933     or 07941898139 for more details.


Kevin Tanner Photography offers commercial photography at all levels and across all sectors for websites, on-screen presentations, exhibitions, printed literature and showcasing. We operate nationwide on a quotation basis providing images on disk, actual photographs are also available.

Est in Kimberley since 1980. Kevin Tanner Photography, Studio House, 86 Eastwood Road, Kimberley, Nottingham NG16 2HF




Amanda’s Massage Room


I’m Amanda. Diploma & NVQ Level 3 Qualified in Swedish and Relaxation Massage. 

77, Larkfield Road Nuthall, Nottingham NG16 1EU. Tel: 07771330223 Offering *Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage *Full Body Massage *Aromatherapy Massage *Hot Oil Massage *Ex-foliating Massage *G 5 Massage  (mechanical massage) *Indian Head Massage *Foot Spas / Foot Massage *Massage and Facial *Facials From a 30 minute Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage to a 2 hour Body Massage. A lovely Therapy room in a homely setting. There is no need to rush after you’re massage, so you can truly relax and unwind in a quiet and peaceful environment.Prices start from £20.00

Gentlemen welcome

Open every day from 10 am – till 8.30 pm  Closed Sunday

CALL Amanda on 07771330223 for more info.    Answer phone available outside of working hours

Fully Licensed and Insured


Gerry Hargreaves has a background of electrical installation and maintenance followed by considerable experience of energy monitoring providing technical support to the marketing division of East Midlands Electricity.

Projects throughout the UKhave included energy monitoring and data/billing analysis to assist companies to improve efficient use of energy. This has included disputes with electricity suppliers and distributors and site surveys, installation of temporary monitoring equipment and recommendations to install suitable power factor correction equipment. Site surveys for the installation of a M&T at major sites, have been undertaken and with the recent advances in remote monitoring technologies surveys and installation of GSM smart meters have been undertaken at distribution centres of a leading logistics company. A request by a leading UKenergy supplier has resulted in the installation of remote data collection technology, including planning and installation of remote data logging equipment to monitor and analyse usage data from geothermal sites within theUK. This work is ongoing in the development of renewable energy and low carbon technology.

Site visits and travel are significant reduced with the application of t-mac technology.

Gerry Hargreaves 2 Laverock Close Kimberley Nottingham NG16 2QX

Tel: 01159384967  Mob: 07973406202  Fax: 07970451844


Brian Gregory Your Local Painter and Decorator.

Lulworth Court, Kimberley

References given by all my local customers

Tel:   0797 6659 436     or e mail: Margaret Foster:


Looking for spare parts for your solid fuel appliance? ContactKimberleyresident Peter Grabowski GAP Supplies –  0115 945 8672

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Parkray, Rayburn, Aga, Trianco, Baxi, Esse, Charnwood, Dunsley, Firemaster & many more. Front bars, bottom bars, single bars, deepening bars, firebricks, side bricks, front bricks, back bricks, throat plates, ash pans, thermostats, fan units, operating tools, single glass strips, glass panels, control knobs, draught stabilisers, fireplates, fuel regulators, door seals, fibre rope, ash carriers, fire cement, coal savers, flue brushes.


MSC-Lifecoaching Personal, Professional & Academic coaching – Skills for Life • ONLINE CONSULTATIONS at • 1 to 1 Educational home tuition for students 7 years to post-grad. • Study Skills & Exam Techniques. Revision schedules prepared • Dissertations, CVs & Personal Statements proof-read & improved • Matching your personal attributes to career & job market • Interview techniques, Presentations, Speeches, Public Speaking • Personal Lifeplan strategies – Have you got one ? • Managing Life crises: Ergonomics in Life choices • Management Consultancy, Training, coaching for Organisational Development

CONTACT: Neil Green M.Sc., Dip. I.S.M., P.G.C.E.

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