Wednesday 2 March 2016

Madam Mayor, Fellow Councillors, officers, ladies & gentleman

I want to start off my brief comments by commending the Labour Group – on producing a comprehensive and rational alternative Budget Statement.  Something we never ever received during all the many years the Conservatives spent in Opposition at Broxtowe.

In fact It’s been over 20 years since a Tory controlled Budget presented to this council.  Milan, me few others here witnessed that.  Over 20 years, I had a full head of hair, Tony Blair was leader of the Opposition, Donald Trump was anonymous, Leeds United were in the Premiership, Howard Wilkinson Manager.

Some things have changed  – fortunes of my beloved Leeds United, runners & riders American Politics  my hair radically changed, somethings however remain exactly the same.

That is this, lack of leadership, lack of leadership shown by Conservatives in Broxtowe, controlled by a vocal yet manipulative inward aggressive looking elite.

Lack of leadership

Madam Mayor – Conservatives have had over 20 years to present a vision, work out where they want to take Broxtowe- yet their message from the early 90s, is just the same as today

  • They don’t really want to build houses
  • They don’t like public transport
  • They want to close Durban House
  • Close cash offices (hit poorest areas hardest)

So translated – particularly in the north of the borough – Broxtowe is closed for business.  No vision, no plans, no asks.  No willingness to be brave or think outside the box.

And it is particularly closed for business with regards to Oxylane.   This is the starkest example of single lack of leadership. 

Myth that the leisure centre in Kimberley can continue until further notice, – is that a myth.  That Oxylane would spell it’s death knell is also a myth.  Conservative members been told that.

Yes, you can turn around and say that we had several goes to see this development through.  We ain’t perfect.  We failed, failed because every single Conservative member voted to oppose.  Some however, since very bravely and commended can see here an opportunity.  They see what’s in the interests of the people of Broxtowe, and not in the interests of the Tory party.

Oxylane you have the Opportunity to invest, enhance environment, improve health sports provision for youngsters, and families.  Boost council finances. That’s what Labour would do.

You have the opportunity to make life better, fairer residents Broxtowe, but you have failed after 1 budget.

This budget fails, fails though lack of leadership, lack of vision, lack of credibility, after over 20 years opposition people of Broxtowe deserve better.