Hi all

This is a brief update to let you know the details of the Borough Council elections – particularly in Kimberley.

A link to the full set of results in Broxtowe can be found at: http://elections.broxtowe.gov.uk/

The results for Kimberley are shown in full below.

In terms of the parliamentary election – you will no doubt be aware that the Conservative Party with Anna Soubry held the seat.

Results for Kimberley Town Council (who was elected) are shown below also – though I have not got the actual figures.

Thank you to all of you who voted, whatever your choice of candidate and party was.  Whether or not you voted for me I will do my best to represent you, engage in casework and continue to champion policies that will take Kimberley and Broxtowe forward in the weeks, months and years ahead.

Although we differ in our political stances I look forward to forming a positive working relationship with Cllr Mel Crow and Cllr Shane Easom.

I am deeply disappointed that Andy Cooper and Sue Cooper did not make it to Broxtowe.  They are fantastic people, community spirited, and I know that they will continue to serve you well on the Town Council in Kimberley.

There’s lots of local challenges ahead on the tram, housing, leisure development, cinema and regeneration etc.

I am very interested to learn about what you thought about the election campaign, both local and national.  Please do send me your thoughts on how you think Labour needs to change.  I’ve certainly got some ideas locally on how I can improve as an individual in campaigning etc.

I am also very keen to learn of what your priorities are for a future 4 years in Broxtowe and Kimberley and the surrounding areas.  I’m starting my Citizens Focus Groups again (these proved very popular before).  The next one will be in June – I’m going to try for either Rumbletums or The Nelson – where we can discuss community priorities for our area in a relaxed atmosphere.  I’ll let you know about the date in my next full newsletter later this month.

Look forward to working with you for another 4 years.  Please get in touch if help needed with any casework issues.

Best regards


Richard S Robinson
Labour Borough Councillor Kimberley
7 Scargill Avenue
Nottingham NG16 2DZ
Tel: 0775 1970 640
T: @drummerrich1
W: www.richardsrobinson.org.uk
Kimberley, Cossall, Awsworth & Trowell News update & Information Service – May 2015 Election Results Special

Kimberley – Borough Council Election result – Monday 11 May 2015

***(3 elected)

BOETTGE, Kat                – Green Party                                          590

BRUNT, Steve                 – Independent                                        962

COOPER, Andy               – Labour Party                                     1163

COOPER, Sue                 – Labour Party                                     1119

CROW, Mel                    – The Conservative Party Candidate     1546   Elected

EASOM, Shane               – The Conservative Party Candidate     1607   Elected

KIRWAN, David              – Green Party                                         533

PEARCE, Janet                – Green Party                                         469

ROBINSON, Richard       – Labour Party                                       1165   Elected



15 members elected to Kimberley Town Council as follows:

Rosie Bartram –  Labour

Andy Cooper  –   Labour

Sue Cooper    –   Labour

Dave Nunn     –   Labour

Shane Easom  –   Conservative

Roy Plumb      –   Kimberley Residents Association (KRA)

Steve Brunt    –   KRA

Terry Syson    –  KRA

Theresa Davies  KRA

Dot Saxton     – KRA

Keith Saxton   – KRA

Claire French  – KRA

John Sisson    – KRA

Trevor Rood   – KRA

Susan McEntee  KRA