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A warm welcome to April’s newsletter, and a special welcome to all those who’ve joined over the last few days and weeks.

When it comes up to elections I devote a special newsletter to looking at what’s at stake, what some of the key issues are – particularly locally, and try to provide some balanced information that will hopefully be useful when you come to vote.

It’s with some sadness that I let you know that Mary McGuckin has decided not to stand for re-election as a Labour Borough Councillor in Kimberley.  Mary was first elected to Broxtowe in May 2011.  Many of you may know Mary (she works at the Nelson and Railway) – yet she does not enjoy good health, and she has decided to devote her time to supporting her two young children.  I’d like to thank Mary for all of her public endeavours over the last few years and wish both her and the family well for the future.

As Mary is not standing again for Broxtowe – I’m pleased to let you know that the third Labour candidate for Kimberley (apart from Andy and me) is Sue Cooper.

I trust you find the details below helpful.  Feedback as ever is always welcome, as are requests for help with personal casework.

This is a long newsletter, but I hope you are able to read it in full (including all of the links contained) as there is a lot of important information to relay.


Best regards


Richard Robinson

Labour Borough Cllr for Kimberley & Cossall

Cabinet Portfolio Holder Jobs, Business & Growth

7 Scargill Avenue, Newthorpe, Nottm NG16 2DZ

Tel: 0775 1970 640

E: richard.robinson@broxtowe.gov.uk

W: www.richardsrobinson.org.uk

Twitter: @drummerrich1


Andy Cooper – Labour Borough Cllr Cossall & Kimberley – andy.cooper@broxtowe.gov.uk

Sue Cooper –   Labour Town Councillor (Kimberley Town Council) – sue49cooper@hotmail.co.uk


Kimberley, Awsworth, Cossall & Trowell News Update & Information Service – April 2015 – Elections Special Edition


1)   General information about Thursday May 7

There is some useful information about the practical arrangements at the following link: http://www.broxtowe.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=5240

If you are voting by post, many of you will get your papers this week.  It’s too late to register for a postal vote, however if you are away on 7 May and not able to vote it is not too late for a proxy vote.  You’ve got until 5 00pm on 28 April 2015 to get your form to Broxtowe.  Again the details can be found at the above link.

Dependent upon where you live within Broxtowe – you will have 3 separate ballot papers when you vote, one for the parliamentary election, one for Broxtowe Borough Council election, and (if contested) for a town council election.

Additionally what is very important to note (for the Borough Elections) is that dependent upon where you live in Broxtowe, boundaries may well have changed since last time you voted.  In some areas the candidates you have been able to vote for previously will now no longer be the case.

Let me give you one local example.  Cossall is now no longer combined with Kimberley.  A new ward has been formed combining Cossall, Awsworth & Trowell.

Kimberley is now a stand-alone ward, including Babbington (and has inherited parts of Watnall) – including Lime Close, Oak Drive, Woodside Avenue.  If anyone wants the full list of new roads in the Kimberley ward please let me know.

For a list of each council candidate standing in all of the new wards for the Borough Council elections on 7 May 2015 – please see: http://broxtowe.gov.uk/CHttpHandler.ashx?id=32048&p=0

Polling stations are shown at the following link: http://broxtowe.gov.uk/CHttpHandler.ashx?id=32046&p=0


2)   Parliamentary hustings

You will have a chance to meet all of the candidates for the parliamentary election in Broxtowe on Monday 27 April – 7pm – 9pm where a hustings will take place at Holy Trinity Church, Eastwood Road, Kimberley.  This will be chaired by Reverend Canon Barbara Holbrook.

If you would like to ask a question of the candidates it would be helpful if you could please bring this with you in writing, stating your name on and hand it to Jeff Buck or Barbara before the meeting starts.

More information available from Jeff Buck: jeff.buck2768@btinternet.com


3)   Parliamentary Election – Broxtowe Thursday 7 May

You have a choice of six parties in Broxtowe, and you have one vote.

A full list of all the candidates can be found at: http://broxtowe.gov.uk/CHttpHandler.ashx?id=32045&p=0

For Labour Nick Palmer is the candidate.  Nick was our Labour MP in Broxtowe from 1997 to 2010 when he lost to the incumbent Anna Soubry by 389 votes.

It goes without saying that Broxtowe is a key marginal seat and I hope that as many of you as possible will vote for Nick.  His message to voters particularly in the north of the constituency is as follows:

If I’m elected on 7 May, I’ll be an MP giving equal weight to all parts of the constituency.  Much of the campaign including both TV and radio debates have centred around Beeston and the tram there, but it is just as important to focus on the need to regenerate the economy in Kimberley and the surrounding area.  A key to that is the transport issue.  We need to work to get better communications with Nottingham and with other parts of Broxtowe, both for residents and for people looking at Kimberley as a potential place to establish new businesses.  Whether a solution is an extension of the tram from Phoenix Park and/or better bus connections remains to be seen after the Feasibility Study, but I’m determined to ensure that Kimberley does not lose out.

We also need to protect the Green Belt in our area.  As the MP before, I successfully campaigned against a massive housing development at Watnall – which would have clogged up the Nuthall roundabout altogether.  I was successful too in the previous endeavours against the open-cast mine proposal at Cossall.  The current MP has passively accepted the decision to allow open-casting at the adjacent Shortwood Farm site, and it’s odds-on that there will be a further application for the Cossall site in consequence.  You can rely on me to fight it again!

I also strongly support the efforts of Cllr Robinson, Cllr Andy Cooper and Cllr Sue Cooper to see a brand new cinema in the Kimberley area”.

For more information about Nick please see: http://www.nickpalmer.org.uk/category/broxtowe/


4)   Broxtowe Borough Council Elections – Thursday 7 May

There are 44 seats in Broxtowe and each of them is up for election on 7 May.  For the borough council the area covers in the most northern part in Brinsley, through Eastwood, Giltbrook, Kimberley, Nuthall, Watnall, Awsworth, Cossall – then to more southern areas – Trowell, Stapleford, Beeston, Chilwell, Stapleford, Bramcote, Toton and Attenborough.  I hope I’ve missed nowhere off – apologies if I have!

a)  If you live in the Kimberley ward and vote Labour in the Borough Council Elections on Thursday May 7 – what’s the offer, what are the issues, and what can you expect?

If you decide to re-elect Andy and myself, and elect Sue too as Labour’s third candidate you will get people who are both passionate and committed about Kimberley, we love our work and want to continue representing you for the next four years.

The full list of candidates for Kimberley is on page 16 of: http://broxtowe.gov.uk/CHttpHandler.ashx?id=32048&p=0

You pick 3 candidates from the 9 listed in the link above.  Labour is fielding 3 candidates, Conservatives 2, Greens 3 and Independent 1.

Neither Sue, Andy or me pretend we are perfect and always get everything right, however our dedication to people and our community is really important and something we cherish.

Apart from our role in representing Kimberley we realise that we are ambassadors for the whole of Broxtowe and we take our work very seriously.

b) the local issues – from knocking on as many doors as possible at present, and during the past few weeks (apologies if we don’t get to everyone – if you would specifically like a visit do let us know), some of the main issues that have been raised locally include the state of the roads (Church Hill, Beverley Drive especially), plus lots of disquiet on Swingate about access in and out of the area, and  in the Hardy Street, Cliff Boulevard areas – lots of people have complained about continual traffic problems and congestion.

In our main election leaflet (coming out this week) – also shown if you click on the following: Broxtowe Leafleft CM 13-04-15 – you will see that we have highlighted a Swingate Action Plan and a Hardy Street Action Plan.  Thanks to residents living on Kimberley Close, Swingate, and in and around Hardy Street who originally gave us some ideas about this.

After the elections (providing we are re-elected that is), we are going to start a major piece of work, working with the County Council and local residents to try and secure some long-term improvements that have been for too long neglected.  We will fully consult and engage with you to make sure your voice is heard, and we very much welcome positive suggestions for change.

As to Labour’s achievements across the borough of Broxtowe – there’s been a huge team effort and our list of successes can be found at: http://www.broxtowelabour.com/

Andy, Sue and myself are certainly not complacent and realise that there are huge challenges ahead in terms of housing, transport, continuing in campaigning for a new cinema, the tram extension, loneliness and so on.  Not easy to solve any of them – but we are up for the challenge!

c) what can you expect if you vote Labour?  Just as Nick issues regular parliamentary email newsletters, we offer a monthly service – this has been going for some years now – backdated copies can be found at: https://richardsrobinson.org.uk/work-in-broxtowe/

Apart from the campaigning issues above, we take on a large amount of individual casework for people.   Whether it’s problems with council issues such as highways, housing, anti-social behaviour, or with benefits, funding for community groups etc – we always do our best to help wherever possible.

Finally in this section for those of you who like stats – these are the Borough Council election results from May 2011:

Cockburn – Elaine           Lib Dem       390

Cooper – Andy                Labour       1093 elected

Crow – Mel                 Conservative    942

Cubley – Ed                Conservative    729

Easom – Shane          Conservative     997

McGuckin – Mary     Labour                1131 elected

Robinson – Richard   Labour              1284  elected

Walt – Godfrey         Lib Dem               166

Walt – Stephanie       Lib Dem              149


5)   Kimberley Town Council Elections – Thursday 7 May

A full list of candidates standing can be found at: http://broxtowe.gov.uk/CHttpHandler.ashx?id=32050&p=0 – you pick 15 from the very long list.

I’m not on Kimberley Town Council, however one of the key issues being discussed with us on the doorsteps is Kimberley Cemetery Chapel.  I think it is very important you know the facts and can make up your own mind about this very important issue.

–  As part of the part of the Kimberley Cemetery Chapel Maintenance Handover Agreement the town council are responsible for upkeep and maintenance of the chapel.

– Doing nothing with the chapel is not an option.  The issues that the council are facing are as follows;

–  The chapel is in a state of disrepair and is not currently in use.

–  There is clear evidence that successive town councils have supported the development of the chapel.

– There is clear evidence of a lengthy comprehensive successful and positive consultation process for this project with the project in Kimberley.  Please see following link to timeline: Cemetery chapel TIMELINE

– The council has given a number of presentations to the public at its council meetings regarding the detailed  proposals and plans for the chapel – please see: Cemetery chapel – proposed works

– During a number of presentations the council clarified the following points “on behalf of the people of Kimberley the council will respect and be sensitive to the location of the chapel in respect of its use.  Furthermore the council hope that the chapel can become a focal point for the whole of the local community”.

I know that there is some disquiet in Kimberley about the future of the Cemetery Chapel.
I hope that the information that I have provided you goes some way to reassuring you that all potential plans are in keeping with the chapel’s sanctity, I am certainly reassured.

Labour’s local Town Council leaflet and pledges are shown here: Final leaflet 18 Apr 15 and also: Final insert 18 Apr 15


6)  And finally

On behalf of Andy and myself as your Labour Borough Councillors – it’s been a huge privilege to serve you for the past four years, along with Sue – we hope to work with you for the next four years.

Do use your vote!


 Local Community Business Information

Finances First Lady

Taking away your financial administration headaches by providing the following services:

Accounting preparation for sole traders, partnerships & limited companies, preparation of personal tax returns, corporation tax returns, payroll processing, and VAT returns.

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NG16 2TE

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The café has quickly established itself as a relaxed  and friendly place to go and its excellent coffee, home-made cakes and tasty  meals have received numerous compliments.

Rumbletums also runs a Parent and Toddler group each Tuesday from 1 00pm to 3 00pm and has two large meeting rooms available for hire.

Rumbletums opens from 9 30am to 3 00pm from Tuesday to Saturday at 2a Victoria Street,Kimberley(on the corner of Victoria Street and Newdigate Street, opposite Kimberley Parish Hall). Phone 0115  9384953.

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The support is amazing and I would like to thank everyone sincerely.  We are  open for tea, coffee, fresh salad, jacket potatoes, baguettes, and of course gorgeous cakes!!!

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I’m very willing to make this book available for fund-raising purposes.  GLORIA MORGAN  glomo.vicstreet@ntlworld.com

Book Title: KINMERS LEA – which is the old name forKimberley.

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Projects throughout the UKhave included energy monitoring and data/billing analysis to assist companies to improve efficient use of energy. This has included disputes with electricity suppliers and distributors and site surveys, installation of temporary monitoring equipment and recommendations to install suitable power factor correction equipment. Site surveys for the installation of a M&T at major sites, have been undertaken and with the recent advances in remote monitoring technologies surveys and installation of GSM smart meters have been undertaken at distribution centres of a leading logistics company. A request by a leading UKenergy supplier has resulted in the installation of remote data collection technology, including planning and installation of remote data logging equipment to monitor and analyse usage data from geothermal sites within theUK. This work is ongoing in the development of renewable energy and low carbon technology.

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