Langley Mill Super Hub – Tram extension Line 4 phase III to Kimberley, Eastwood, & into Amber Valley


March 2020

Papers have now being released for this first time showing some of the very detailed background work completed during the past year on the proposed tram extension to the Langley Mill Super Hub – click on the following link to get the specific details: aLangley Mill Hub 07-02-2019 draft 2

On 17 March 2020, Nottingham City Council’s Executive Board will meet to discuss support given to Broxtowe Borough Council’s in depth Feasibility Study into the tram extension from Phoenix Park through Kimberley & Eastwood:

November 2019

On 8 November, Cllr Chris Emmas-Williams (Leader Amber Valley Borough Council) & Cllr Richard Robinson meet with Cllr Barry Lewis (Leader of Derbyshire County Council) in Matlock to discuss the proposals for the tram extension – and in particular how they will benefit Langley Mill and further into Derbyshire.

September 2019

On 5 September 2019 the Jobs & Economy Committee of Broxtowe Borough Council vote by a majority to support commissioning of an engineering study (referred to below).

August 2019

Thursday 29 August 2019 – Broxtowe Borough Council publish their agenda for the next Jobs & Economy Committee on Thursday 5 September 2019; 

Item 8 of the agenda – shows a report recommending commissioning of an engineering study demonstrating how a tram extension from Phoenix Park through Kimberley & Eastwood to the Langley Mill Super Hub (with a fast rail link to Hs2 at Toton) could be reliably delivered;


On 15 August 2019 Cllr Richard Robinson received an unsolicited request to talk through the Langley Mill Super Hub concept with BBC Radio Derby.

There is strong support demonstrated from local people in Langley Mill.

You should be able to find a recording of interview that took place on 16 August at: (if clicking on this link directly does not work – try copying and pasting into a new browser)

– two separate parts to the interview from the link above: 1:14:25 – 1:18

& then from 2:13:44 (for a couple of minutes).

or (click on 16 8 19 edition) – again if clicking on this link directly does not work – try copying and pasting into a new browser.



July 2019

Meetings are held with representatives of Nottingham City Council, business leaders in Broxtowe, Amber Valley Borough Council, D2N2, East Midlands Councils and Broxtowe Borough Council to press the case for the Langley Mill Super Hub option as a key driver for economic growth, improving public transport, promoting jobs investment and meeting key environmental challenges during the coming years.

Very constructive and positive discussions were held and more detailed proposals for taking the Langley Mill Super Hub option forward should appear in the public domain from September onwards.

Pictured below, one of the meetings that took place in July – Cllr Chris Emmas Williams – Leader of Amber Valley Borough Council, Sajeeda Rose – Chief Executive of D2N2, Mrs Ruth Hyde – Chief Executive of Broxtowe Borough Council, Steve Barber (light rail expert) and Cllr Richard Robinson.




February 2019

Formal support for the Super Hub proposals were received from IKEA, Cllr Alex Stevenson (Conservative) Derbyshire County Council and Nigel Mills – Conservative MP for Amber Valley – see respectively the following documents: Tram Extension Langley Mill Transport Hub

2019 02 08 Robinson re Super Hub

In addition two very detailed reports have been submitted supporting the Langley Mill Super Hub along with the documents shown above to East Midlands Councils/Hs2 for funding consideration as part of the East Midlands Hs2 Growth Strategy.  

We are advised that more news will be available on the progress of the Langley Mill Super Hub bid towards the end of May this year.


January 2019

On 25 January 2019 2019 Cllr John Handley, Cllr Margaret Handley & Cllr Richard Robinson met with IKEA representatives on Giltbrook Retail Park to discuss their support the proposed tram extension and integrated transport hub in Langley Mill.

On 22 January 2019 Cllr Richard Robinson and Andy Cooper make a presentation to Heanor branch Labour Party on the proposed tram extension and integrated transport hub in Langley Mill.

December 2018

On Friday 14 December 2018 a meeting is held in Ripley with Nigel Mills MP for Amber Valley, along with Cllr Lydia Ball (Broxtowe Borough Council), Steve Bowers, Sales Manager Bowers Electrical Heanor, Cllr Chris Emmas Williams and Cllr Alex Steveson (both Amber Valley cllrs) and Cllr Richard Robinson.  We presented to Nigel our vision for the Langley Mill Super Transport Hub.IMG_1856

November 2018

Support is received from Heanor Churches Together & The Churches of Kimberley & Nuthall for the tram extension and proposed integrated transport in Langley Mill – click on  the following document EPSON019 to see their support.

A meeting is arranged with Nigel Mills MP for Amber Valley and a number of key stakeholders for 14 December 2018 to discuss the Super Hub proposal for Langley Mill.

Cllr Richard Robinson had further meeting with IKEA representatives at Giltbrook Retail Park on 6 November to learn of their support for the tram extension.


On 2 November 2018, Gloria De Piero MP for Ashfield, Alex Norris MP, Cllr Dave Liversidge, Andy Cooper and Cllr Richard Robinson meet with Cllr Jon Collins – Leader of Nottingham City Council to discuss the tram extension from Phoenix Park, and economic regeneration along the A610 corridor.

October 2018

a) Support is received from independent rail consultant on tram proposals out through Kimberley & Eastwood to Super Hub at Langley Mill, arguing though for an early completion on part of the route by 2023 – click on the following link:  AJ kelm


b) On Thursday 11 October a new group in the community comprising current and former councillors from different political parties, and the local clergy, come together in Kimberley to work and support Economic Growth along the A610 corridor – including the tram extension and improved connected bus services.

In this photo, Conservative Borough & County Councillor John Handley (Broxtowe), Cllr Lydia Ball (Broxtowe Conservative), Cllr Margaret Handley (Broxtowe Conservative), Cllr Dave Liversidge (Labour, Nottingham City – Portfolio Holder for Transport), Rev Canon Barbara Holbrook, Andy Cooper (Chair Kimberley, Eastwood, Nuthall, Kimberley Action Group KENTAG), Bob Charlesworth former Liberal Democrat Cllr Broxtowe and Cllr Jim Dymond (Independent Kimberley Town Council):  




c)  On Thursday 18 October a presentation is made at St Lawrence Church Heanor (as part of Heanor Vision public meeting), outlining the concept of the Langley Mill Super Hub – providing a tram link directly from Langley Mill, through Eastwood & Kimberley to Nottingham, combined with a fast link train directly to the Hs2 hub station at Toton, with electric bus options from Langley Mill to Codnor, and Ripley.

d) On Thursday 25 October Bob Charlesworth, Cllr Chris Emmas-Williams (Leader Labour Group Amber Valley), Rev Canon Barbara Holbrook and Cllr Robinson meet together with Rev Lisa Shemilt (Associate Priest of Heanor, Langley Mill, Aldecar & Marlpool) to further discuss Langley Mill Super Hub and how to engage with and gain support of local clergy.  A further session is arranged for Thursday 29 November.

e) On Friday 26 October – Cllr Richard Robinson met Derbyshire Conservative County Councillor for Greater Heanor – Alex Stevenson – to discuss how we can work collaboratively together to bring investment into Langley Mill and Amber Valley through the advent of the Langley Mill Super Hub.


May 2018

Full link from BBC East Midlands today news (late bulletin) Wednesday 16 May 2018: 


Press coverage of the latest work being undertaken is covered by clicking on both links below

Scan      IMG_0007


Tuesday 20 March 2018

  • A detailed proposal for a tram/transport link from Kimberley & Eastwood out to Amber Valley is submitted to East Midlands Councils, which specific reference to Amber Valley and connectivity with Hs2.  Significant support & endorsement from business and the local community is confirmed including Peveril Homes, Bowers Electrical Ltd, New Horizons Church Eastwood (soon moving to Langley Mill), Heanor Town Council, Codnor Parish Council, Ripley Town Council & the Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner for Derbyshire.  This builds on existing support from Alex Norris MP, Gloria De Piero MP, Light Rapid Transit Association, British Land (owners of Giltbrook Retail Park) etc.

Friday 9 March 2018

Tuesday 6 March 2018

Wednesday 28 February 2018

  • A meeting is held at Broxtowe Borough Council offices in Beeston with representatives from various bodies including East Midlands Councils, Light Rapid Transit Association, & Amber Valley Borough Council to consider how the tram extension could be linked with East Midlands Hs2 Growth Strategy.

November 2017

  • Monday 27 November 2017 – Cllr Richard Robinson attends East Midlands Councils Infrastructure Summit in Leicester and raises Amber Valley, Eastwood, Kimberley, Phoenix Park tram extension as an integral part of East Midlands Hs2 Growth Strategy with Sir John Peace, Chair of Midlands Engine and Maria Machancoses Programme Director at Midlands Connect Project Team.



October 2017

Submissions are made to Broxtowe Local Plan (part II)

to support protection of the proposed tram route to Kimberley and Eastwood, by Andy Cooper – Chair of Kimberley, Eastwood and Nuthall Tram Action Group, Cllr Richard Robinson and Labour MP for Ashfield Gloria De Piero.

The submission from Gloria is shown by clicking on the following linkGtram

Additionally at Broxtowe Borough Council full meeting on Wednesday 18 October 2017 Cllr Richard Robinson covered the Tram Extension in his Ward Members speech covering Kimberley.  He was very pleased to confirm cross party support from the Liberal Democrats at Broxtowe together with sympathetic soundings from some Conservative members in the north of the borough.


September 2017

Readers of the Nottingham Post would most like to see Nottingham’s tram line to be extended to the Nuthall, Kimberley and Eastwood area.


July 2017

A detailed investigation into the viability of a tramline extension along the A610 corridor is being called for by campaigners:


March 2017

On Saturday 18 March 2017 Cllr Richard Robinson together with local residents visit Eastwood Town Council for the Eastwood Neighbourhood Plan public consultation.  Members of Eastwood Town Council confirm that they fully support in principle the tram extension from Phoenix Park through to Kimberley & Eastwood.  They have alternative suggestions for route through Eastwood.

Thursday 23 March 2017 – Labour MP for Ashfield Gloria De Piero and Cllr Robinson both formally write to Eastwood Town Council pledging to work closely with Eastwood Town Council on tram developments.

February 2017

Eastwood Town Council (27 February 2017) deliver hard copy Neighbourhood Plan for consultation with local residents in Eastwood.  A draft on-line copy of the document with the town council’s preference for the tram extension covering Eastwood is shown at the following link:  (page 25).


On 2 December 2016 the following article appeared in the Eastwood & Kimberley Advertiser (click on the following three links): epson005 epson006 epson007 – I support the development of HS2 (with the important provisos that the fares are fully affordable and not premium pricing, and that there are no adverse affects on the proposed tram extension to Kimberley).  On the latter point – there in fact should be some positive effects due to the need for increased connectivity by public transport in wider parts of Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire.


15 November 2016


Kimberley, Eastwood and Nuthall Tram Action Group (KENTAG) cautiously welcomed today’s announcement of the route that the northern section of HS2 will follow, including confirmation of the location for a station at Toton to serve Derby and Nottingham. This is seen as the seed which will deliver a network of light rail routes throughout the region.

Langley Mill Super Hub – Tram extension Line 4 phase III to Kimberley, Eastwood & into Amber Valley

Cllr Richard Robinson said;  “Whilst today’s news is very good news for the prosperity of the East Midlands, we must ensure that construction is planned carefully and allows for other projects. We are particularly concerned that provision is made for the Kimberley and Eastwood  tramline. I have received assurances that this will be allowed for at the design stage, and I want that set in stone.”

“Connectivity is vital for business and the creation of jobs. Now we know that the East Midlands will join the High Speed rail club we want to ensure that the prosperity it brings is shared out and doesn’t stop at Phoenix Park and the Nottingham city boundary”

“The M1, although vital for north-south connectivity, is a barrier to east-west development. The Nuthall roundabout creates a serious disincentive for firms to locate westwards. Just to the north is an underused bridge under which could easily carry a light rail line with the capacity of at least a dual carriageway road.”

(Andrew Braddock, Chairman of the Light Rail Transit Association (LRTA),  said: “Now the HS2 route has been confirmed it is clear we need to address means of getting to its stations. Toton is in a very fortunate position, not only being just one kilometre away from the current terminus of NET but also in a place where various disused mineral railways converged. These lines are ideal for light rail use and can reconnect several former mining towns and villages to the new prosperity. The proposed Kimberley and Eastwood extension to NET would uses parts of these mineral lines.”

Steve Barber (Vice President elect of the LRTA and chair of Beeston and Chilwell for Integrated Transport) added “There is no doubt that construction of NET phase 2 was a difficult process, but the extension to Kimberley would involves no street running and little disruption. Now Nottingham has the beginnings of a network the advantages are becoming clear. Beeston High Road has no retail units available for rent and the town has a shop vacancy rate of just 3%, against national and regional averages of around 10-12%. As happened in Manchester, now is the time for a big expansion to include lines to Kimberley, Eastwood, Gedling and possibly the airport.”

Jim Harkins (from the secretariat of the All Party Parliamentary Light Rail Group on Light Rail) said: “Nottingham is to be commended for its work on air pollution. For a city of its size it is punching above its weight and showing the rest of the country how it should be done. Research in Oslo has shown that around 50% of the most dangerous PM10 and other particulates don’t come just from engines but from the vehicle tyres and road surface wearing out and going into the low level atmosphere.  Particles frombrake linings are a source of atmospheric pollution too.

Recent reports from the Universities of Oxford and Manchester amongst others, has indicated a significant link with Alzheimers Disease being caused by the Magnetite particles generated from the interface between wheels and road surfaces.

The steel wheels of electric trams running on steel rails (electric trams) do not emit any of this pollution.

Notes for Editors:

Satisfaction in Nottingham’s trams is running at 98% and exceeds other networks;

Construction of NET phase  alone benefited Nottingham’s businesses by £100m;

The LRTA is a not–for–profit UK based organisation and has members throughout the world. Free of any trade or political affiliation; it is the world’s leading organisation concerned with the achievement of better public transport through light rail, tramway and metro systems in towns and cities world–wide.


August 2016 

this item appeared in the Eastwood & Kimberley Advertiser in August 2016.

For the most up to date details please of ongoing campaigning work on the Tram extension please visit my “Work in Broxtowe Pages” – July and August 2016 updates:

August 2016 – Gloria De Piero – Labour MP for Ashfield (covering Eastwood) gives her commitment to supporting the tram campaign “I am delighted to be working alongside Richard to secure popular support for the tram to be extended to Kimberley & Eastwood”.  She added “it’s a fantastic way to travel and I will be campaigning hard in Eastwood to bring jobs, investment, growth and to reduce traffic congestion as a result of us getting the tram network extended”.



You may have read various reports in local newspapers and heard details on local radio about the tram feasibility study for Kimberley.

The full report presented at this stage by Mott MacDonald is now public and shown here – click on the following link305248-AC-DOC-001 (DRAFT)

As the report is 106 pages long (light bedtime reading), I’ve asked Steve Barber (Vice President elect of the Light Rail Transit Association) to provide a briefer summary – he writes as follows: 


“Basically it looks at 6 possible alignments and immediately dismisses 2 of these. (see pages 60-61 for overview maps). I’ve made the following observations as I’ve worked through the document:

Option 1 is broadly the one Atkins came up with in 2001, we’ve investigated it in detail and frankly would seem to be the preferred option. I’ve concentrated my thoughts on that but just to quickly analyse (and in my view dismiss at this stage) the others:

1a) Too much street running, too slow, property and land acquisition needed and a disruptive build.

1b) Again too much street running, allows for a difficult park and ride site if one at all and disruptive build.


2) Loss of quality amenity, property demolition, time disadvantages.

2a) As 2 but also misses markets and can’t be extended.

2b) This could be a possibility if the tunnel is found to be unusable, but is inferior to option 1


·         A  number of residential developments are proposed along the route. In the past Kimberley Councillors have ensured a route through has been safeguarded.

·         Other than these developments, around 6,500 homes would be connected if the tram runs just to Giltbrook (see my opinion below)

·         Mention is made of future extensions into the Amber Valley

·         HS2 is not seen as a problem to the alignment.

·         The report doesn’t seem to propose as much re-use of bridges and tunnels as I would have thought. It is proposed to demolish the existing, but buried bridge at New Farm Lane, by the cemetry and an at grade crossing is proposed instead of using the tunnel at Watnall. It is vague about this tunnel, it does exist, I’ve been inside it (OK only by about a metre) and we took a railway engineer to investigate; he thought it could be lined and re-used. However, it is filled in and largely inaccessible so there’s currently an imponderable. An at grade crossing would be disruptive, expensive and involve land take with possible demolition. Investagative work definitely needed here.

·         It would pass through a SSSI, which I understand is for geological reasons (the sides of the cutting) so shouldn’t present too much of a problem. However, further on it passes through a SINC which is a fairly low designation, Phase2 overcame such objections by mitigation.

·         Beyond Kimberley, there is a compelling case that it should extend to at least a park and ride, involving an expensive structure over the A610. This seems unavoidable.

British Land were major contributors to this report costs so it is natural that it looks at serving their retail park, this is questioned on the grounds of cost on page 12. However, I would further question as to whether that is the best destination, after the Park and Ride proposed near Awsworth. I would have thought Eastwood with a population of 18,000 and a new major employment site under construction would be better. If the tramway remains on the western side of the A610 there are a couple of under used bridges which lead into Eastwood, the first via the residential areas of Newthorpe Common and Hill top. There may be a third option for this section.


Option 1 as proposed by Atkins and studied in considerable detail by KENTAG and associated consultants is the best option and should be taken forward. If the tunnel and bridges which exist can be excavated and re-used there is virtually no major disruption to the town or elsewhere, this is a totally different project to NET phase 2 through Beeston. Serious consideration should be given to extending the route to at least Eastwood. This is clearly a project for the combined authorities of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire as the benefits to the ex-mining, steelworking and brewery communities are significant.

Independent experts have predicted an extra £300m of growth per annum into Greater Nottingham due to phase 2 of the tram. The A610 corridor should tap into and enhance this but is currently constrained by poor connectivity, due to the M1 acting as a barrier to east-west growth”.


On 7 September 2015 at a meeting of the Strategic Planning and Economic Development Committee, Broxtowe council members voted to ask Mott MacDonald to provide further information on highways and wider transport issues before coming to a firm recommendation on how to consider the Tram route to Kimberley any further.  The committee above will then look at the issues again in December this year.

If anyone has any comments or questions please get in touch with myself or Cllr Andy Cooper (Kimberley Town Council) & Chair of KENTAG – Kimberley, Eastwood, Nuthall Tram Action Group –



1st stage to Kimberley
A further walk of the intended route took place on Sunday 8 February 2015 – a link to a video of the route can be found at:
An indicative route of the proposed extension to Kimberley can be found at the photo above, and also at:
If it helps there’s some general points below:
  • We would envisage the first stop being Hempshill Vale, with then one or two in Watnall/Nuthall with Kimberley then being the final destination for the first part of the extension.
  • (tram stops) Whatever our initial thoughts are the whole purpose of having a Feasibility Study is to ascertain where exactly the prime locations would be and for the experts to give full and proper guidance
  • Concerning the Tram Walk – on 8 February 2015, this was the sixth.  The last one before this was the best attended yet with 50 people walking the route.  In the past Radio Nottingham have attended, and we have got good media coverage.
  • We welcome those who are doubtful about the benefits of the proposed extension as well as those who are in favour to send in comments.
  • The Feasibility Study is hugely important as the report that comes from there will confirm the best route, tram stops etc.
  • Concerning the route KENTAG believe that the route would be as follows: it would leave Phoenix Park on colliery line – then joins up with Great Northern line, but then leave this and joins Old Midland route.
  • The Great Northern route is unacceptable as a tunnel has collapsed there.

More information available from myself – Cllr Richard Robinson or Cllr Andy Cooper – Chair of KENTAG – Kimberley, Eastwood & Nuthall Tram Action Group.