I first came across this talk: SCAN0100201140241010023100 (Faith in the Public Square) on 14 June 2014 when spending time with a few friends including Rev Dr Martin Robinson, Principal and Chief Executive of Springdale College: Together in Mission.

Martin talked warmly of Maurice Glasman and in particular his talk delivered in January 2013 – Faith in the Public Square.

I’ve read through Faith in the Public Square two or three times since the weekend; it’s a compelling read.  I’m struck by its honesty, emphasis on relationships and willingness to stress the need to be radical.

Many salient phrases come to mind – “in the Labour Party we need to re-engage with our past in order to find any relevance in the present”.  Then Maurice goes onto mention a new form of politics – one that will emerge from conversation, experience and engagement – being based on the core insight “there has been a fundamental lack of love in the system“.

This new politics does not claim that Labour by renewing its marriage vows with its Christian tradition will lead to a sudden utopia.  However Labour’s mission to transform the destiny of millions of working people in this country will be better equipped when its sine qua non relationship with its Christian roots is renewed, restored and reinvigorated.

Read Faith in the Public Square.

It may change the way you think & act.


Richard Robinson


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