Cinema Project 2013 – Giltbrook Retail Park

I am undertaking this short questionnaire with members of the public to try and ascertain the level of support for a cinema at Giltbrook Retail Park.

Results will be fed back to Retail Park owners.

Please do fill in the questions below and make any comments you have also.

best regards

Richard Robinson

Borough Councillor Kimberley & Cossall

Cabinet Portfolio Holder Arts, Culture & Leisure


  • Rhardy

    Think its just what the retail park needs! So long as there are some traffic light controlled crossing n round about i live on gilt hill and it gets to be a nightmare- i have no doubt this would double the amount of people going to tge retail park!

  • Dawn

    Don’t want to see this at all the traffic is currently awful around there, this would add to the issue.
    The number of junk food outlets is increasing and the large retail stores have already put at least one local shop out of business to my knowledge.
    Even if we were to put a dedicated exit at the A610 island, the emissions from exhausts is already terrible a dedicated exit won’t improve this. Your children are already more likely to develop lung diseases due to living near a motorway the retail park becoming more popular still will increase it even more.

    I do believe people initially looked at this survey and thought only to vote if they were for the issue, your lower figures for no reflect this.

    Jobs a cinema doesn’t create that many jobs put some though into encouraging industry into the area.

  • guest

    A 2000 Denver study showed that children living within 250 yards of streets or highways with 20,000 vehicles per day are six times more likely to develop all types of cancer and eight times more likely to get leukemia. The study looked at associations between traffic density, power lines, and all childhood cancers with measurements obtained in 1979 and 1990. It found a weak association from power lines, but a strong association with highways. It suggested that benzene pollution might be the cancer promoter causing the problem.

    Pearson et al. (2000). Distance-weighted traffic density in proximity to a home is a risk factor for leukemia and other childhood cancers. Journal of Air and Waste Management Association 50:175-180.

  • C Pilsworth

    would be brilliant!

  • Darren Seaton

    I agree with Lucy below. The traffic is appalling now. Would just make things worse.

  • Susan Byrne

    brill idea would save us a lot of money rather than paying to
    go into Nottingham

  • Becki

    I support this idea totally (and I live in Newthorpe), I would think that the traffic wouldn’t be a problem, as most people go to the cinema after 7pm, so it wouldn’t add to the rush times for the shops.

  • Sammy

    After reading various articles about the proposed plans and as a resident of Giltbrook and who lives behind the ikea site I think it is crazy to put something as big as a cinema on there. The traffic every weekend is ridiculous and considerably worse on wet days and bank holidays. I have also noticed how in the advertiser it talks about how after sending out survey slips you have only had 35 objections, I am aware we may have been accidently over looked but have not received one and think that the people leaving close to the site it would be important to hear there views

  • Lucy

    Looking at the bigger picture its a good idea. Brings business into the area, tram would be good too, however a big must is another exit entrance for the park. Traffic consideration is VERY important

  • Sue

    A cinema would be great.However I have concerns over the extra traffic generated to the area. a detailed study needs to take place to assess the level of traffic feeding onto the A610.

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  • paige richardson

    This is a great idea, as normally i have to go all the way into town if i want to go to the cinema.Also i wouldn’t mind applying for a job there either. Please email me if you know/can find out where to apply for a job if its definitely happening.

  • Guest

    yes … but only if you think carefully about dealing with extra traffic …. eg direct access from A610 :)

  • Susan Pretty

    I would be in favour if you think carefully about the impact of extra traffic in the area … having direct access from the A610 would benefit the entire retal park

  • Graham

    Hi, I think this is an excellent idea. Also I wonder the venue could be used by local groups for amateur dramatics. As a member of Nottingham West Music & Drama Society (Nowmads), who perform at Kimberley School, an up to date venue with suitable stage and seating would serve I feel many groups in the community.

  • amabel

    Fantastic idea. Hope it happens

  • Joan

    Can’t wait it’s about time local people had a new cinema I’m a pensioner,we will use it but it will be brilliant for our grandchildren come for a visit, it will cause a problem with traffic, but at least we will get something for everyone to use. Hurry up brilliant

  • Ella

    I fully support the Cinema as someone that lives locally however traffic conjestion needs to be a huge consideration.
    ps. when will there be an Outfit on the retail park?!

  • Lorraine Kinsella

    Hi, yes I fully support the the Cinema at the Retail Park and would use it. This will be good for the community creating jobs and somewhere for younger people to go ect, but I also agree this could create more traffic at peak times.

  • Jen

    This is a great opportunity to create more jobs and good for residents as they do not need to travel to town to go to the cinema. I hope we will see a cinema soon…

  • Barbara

    Regarding frequency of visits to the cinema obviously this would depend upon what films were being shown. As I live quite near to the Retail Park I would think it unlikely that I would eat at the restaurants on site.

  • B

    Have been waiting for a cinema on this site for years. Currently we use the showcase in Westfield! But live 5 miles from guiltbrook retail park.

  • Lynne Margaret Wharton

    I think it would be great to have a cinema so close.brill.

  • Daniel

    Only just came across this site – a cinema in giltbrook would be fantastic me and my partner frequently go to the Frankie and Bennys and have commented many times that there needs to be a cinema – hope this idea gets off the ground (preferably a cineworld 😉 )

  • Rob Green

    I love I’ve Cream, and corercting spelling

  • Nick

    I think that the cinema would be fantastic, & also with the new 4DX becoming the way forward having such a cinema as say an odeon with say at least 2 dedicated screens for this technology would really put us on the map! I also believe the tram service being extended to the retail park would also be a great help. This is something we should be supporting offering entertainment to the whole family & all ages & backgrounds, from kids, to friends, couples & families this would be a positive place for our area bringing jobs & revenue into building a better place for all of us who live near & far! But not only should we look at technology of 4DX & the standard 2D, 3D & IMAX, but to make a step even further make this an accessible cinema for all disabilities we could be cutting edge! With the options of toilet facilities such as: the standard, male, female & disabled but also include the whole community such as unisex toilets to stop transphobia! Family toilets not just a place to change a child within an already gendered toilet or taking up the use of a disabled toilet the cinema needs to be as diverse as our community as well as up to date with high standards of technology making this not just a cinema but a focus point for the whole of the East Midlands! We also need to make the screens accessible for the hard of hearing & deaf community, wheelchair & people with poor mobility to have ease of access, to provide for the blind or partially slighted, as most current cinemas offer like one or two showings here & there suitable for such people within the community but the fact is its not enough, these people are already discriminated against & already miss out on so much due to their disabilities so if we could include them within the building & planning it would mean they could have more choice & more options of suitable & accessible cinema experience they would go out more they would visit the cinema more & there must be technology out there to incorporate such services for not the odd showing but all showings of all films if they can make 4DX IMAX happen then we can make this happen. It would be one of a kind & Nottingham – Broxtowe borough would be paving the way forward for the whole of the UK.

  • Nick

    Traffic is on the increase anyway? Cinema or not it won’t stop the traffic that’s the world we live in now, but if the tram was to go direct to the retail park that may help somewhat

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