Brexit Questionnaire – November 2018 – What do You think?

As our country faces its most important political national decision for many decades I am undertaking this short questionnaire to try and get more insight into what people locally are actually thinking now about Brexit.

As someone who works within a political environment six days of the week, I am keen to understand your thinking, and to try and reflect this in the work I undertake during 2019.

best regards

Richard Robinson

Labour Borough Councillor Kimberley – Broxtowe Borough Council


  • #1 written by John Whitley  7 months ago

    If either we don’t leave the EU or have another referendum I will never vote in any more elections.

  • #2 written by Emma 7 months ago

    Some of the questions regarding what I would want to see changed were difficult to answer, and may give misleading results.

    For example, I didn’t say I’d like to see an end to zero hour contracts, as I’m aware they suit some people, but I would like to see more legislation on how/when they are acceptable.

    Also, ending hospital parking charges. I’d like to see them capped at a reasonable rate. I don’t actually think it is reasonable to scrap them entirely (providing the money goes to the hospital).

  • #3 written by Hilary Corbett  7 months ago

    The first referendum was a terrible mistake and should not have been mandatory but not sure where a further one would take us.

    Unsure where labour on this as so many conflicting comments coming from MPs

  • #4 written by Pete Baxendale  7 months ago

    I have not ticked any of the boxes regarding issues for future government, as I feel many need to be amplified beyond a simple yes or no.

  • #5 written by Tim Hanna  7 months ago

    I am not sure how I would vote in another referendum. The labour party seems split. I follow Labour Leave and they obviously are biased towards leaving the European Union. Is this the minority of the Labour party??

    I voted to leave and I still want to. I agree with Tony Abbot, the former PM of Australia. We should be independent like Norway. Doesn’t mean I am racist or a bigot. The questions above don’t give the best choices, but at least we can have a say

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