Below is the text of a press release I have issued today.
The New Council at Broxtowe – Full Council meeting tonight Wednesday 15 May 2019
At the full council meeting at Broxtowe Borough Council tonight a new administration will be formed following the elections on 2 May 2019.
As a result of these elections – none of the major political parties has overall control of the council.
I have taken a number of telephone calls from both the Conservative and Labour leaders, during the past week – asking for my support as an Independent to help form an administration forming a coalition with their respective parties.
I am a member of no political party having quit the Labour Party in February this year:

After very careful consideration and reflection having considered both offers first from the Conservative Party and second a coalition of Labour, Liberal and two other Independent cllrs I have decided to accept an offer support the coalition.

The council will be asked tonight to recognise tonight the leadership arrangements for the council going forward.  I will be supporting a motion for Cllr Milan Radulovic (Lab) to be recognised as Leader with Cllr Steve Carr (Lib) as Deputy Leader.
The best offer made to me was by Cllr Radulovic in terms of getting the best deal for my residents in Kimberley comprises the following elements:
I will separately hold the post of Vice Chair of the Council’s new Personnel Committee.
I am looking forward to some very exciting work ahead.
Richard Robinson
Independent Cllr Broxtowe Borough Council
Richard S Robinson
Borough Councillor Kimberley – Broxtowe Borough Council
4 Peacock Drive
NG16 3HW
Tel: 0775 1970 640
T: @drummerrich1