The pithy remark by Eugene Peterson (The Message) in his introduction to the book of Habakkuk “living by faith is a bewildering adventure“, is probably somewhat of an understatement, but definitely something we can all resonate with.  Indeed we rarely know what’s coming next and not many things turn out just how we anticipate.

There are of course many prophets in the Old Testament, with Habakkuk being just one.   Yet as Peterson further states “most prophets speak God’s word to us, however Habakkuk speak our word to God.  He gives voice to our bewilderment, articulates our puzzled attempts to make sense of things, and faces God with our disappointment with God”.

Whilst there’s only three chapters in total, I think it’s one of the most significant books of the Bible and it speaks so much into the heart of what so many Christians struggle with today (well certainly I do).

Probably the most famous verses are in chapter 2 where the prophet talks about waiting for God, and then at the end of chapter 3 where, despite innumerable problems – the prophet still praises God.

Here’s 10 lessons from Habakkuk I jotted down from a sermon I heard 20 years ago – we’ve looked at them in our Small Group at Trent Vineyard recently – I hope they help you.

1)   Admit your confusion

2)   Talk to God about your feelings

3)   Give God time to reply

4)   Establish a spiritual context in which to think through the problem

5)   Recognise God may keep us waiting for an answer

6)   Understand to live by faith

7)   No matter what, God is in control

8)   Worship God daily and open your heart to fervent prayer & praise

9)   Remind yourself of God’s faithfulness in the past

10) Face every situation with an attitude of joy