Following the public meeting on 3 February in Kimberley, this is my official response to Broxtowe Borough Council

For Development Control Meeting – May 2011

From: Robinson, Richard
Sent: 04 February 2011 11:02
To: Bassett Mark
Cc: Barber, Steve
Subject: Planning Application 10/00717/FUL – Erection of wind turbine and ancillary development – Severn Trent Sewage Treatment Works, Halls Lane, Giltbrook

I wish to register my support for the above planning application and would ask you to record this as part of the submissions from councillors.

I would like to attend the meeting to and speak too.

My formal response is as follows:

“I wish to support the planning application for the erection of a wind turbine and ancillary development as at Planning Application 10/00717/FUL”.  I believe the long term benefits in terms of providing substantial renewable energy that is required outweigh any perceived “loss” by way of visual amenity for local residents.

In recording my support I would ask that conditions are put on any approval to the effect that should flicker have a deleterious effect on people in their houses in the surrounding areas, then operations of the turbine be suspended for the relevant period of time.

I would also ask that a comprehensive and up to date wildlife assessment be carried out prior to planning consent being given in order to ensure that there are no unacceptable consequences from the development taking place.

Finally I would ask that for residents in Awsworth who currently receive poor TV reception that specific advice and assistance be given to them, should the onset of the turbine cause any additional problems – seeing that digital reception is apparently not easily available in this area.



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